Old Franklin Tours Coming. Get your tickets now!

Franklin First Grade 1916.jpg
Great things come and great things change. Here’s your chance to take a walking tour with Historian, Dr. Brian Shute of the Old Franklin Elementary before it morphs into a New School. Never again will you have this unique opportunity.
Was Franklin used as a temporary prison?
Is the boiler room like that of the Titanic?
Did a mad scientist once live across the street?
What was the Franklin Kinderhouse and where was it?
Are there catacombs under Franklin School?
If any of these questions intrigue you please take the tour to get answers to these questions and learn much more. For 107 years Franklin School has been a cornerstone of Spokane’s South Hill. Tens of thousands of students have attended the school and with that comes a rich foundation and history.
Tours will occur April 14th and 28th 2017 and begin at 4:00. There will be snacks and refreshments at the end of the tour along with a raffle.
Cost: $8
All proceeds will go to the Franklin ASB and will help fund the Sixth Grade Camp Outing. Please contact Dr. Brian Shute to purchase tickets and tell your Franklin friends. 354-2656 Or email: BrianSh@SpokaneSchools.org

Franklin Gets a Facelift

UPDATE: After 107 years of constant use Franklin School will be receiving a facelift during the 2017-2018 school year. With bond levy funding we are pleased that the original 1909 building will be kept and revamped with a magnificent addition to the west. Great care has been taken by ALSC Architects of Spokane to maintain complementary styles between old and new while modernizing what needs to happen. Input from the community, teachers, and staff were taken to help make this happen. During the transition, Franklin will carry on at the old Jefferson School.
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