NEW! Wallace Photo Collection

Mike Wallace attended Franklin in the 1960s and has many fond memories of the school and neighborhood. He has gladly donated some pictures and descriptions for the archives. Particular thanks to Mr. Wallace for these and other artifacts including original light fixtures from the school.
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Class Photo: Mrs. Keil, Grade 2, 1961-62. “Of the four classrooms in the new western wing of Franklin, ours was the 2nd from the east. (Unfortunately, the signature aspect of this folder is incomplete but I recall many faces and names). Mrs. Keil is in the lower left hand corner. I am in the 3rd row down, the 5th kid from the left, with a sweater on.”
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Class Photo: Mrs. Weymouth, Grade 4, 1963-64. “Of the four classrooms in the first portable on the upper playground, ours was the one in the NE corner. This northern section (2 classrooms) was later moved. This photo is especially nice because both Mrs. Weymouth (lower left corner) and Miss Tully (lower right corner) are pictured.”
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“Signatures: Mrs. Weymouth, Grade 4, 1963-64 I did have everyone sign the class picture foldout including Mrs. Weymouth, Miss Tully (Principal), Mrs. Echelbarger (Librarian) and Mrs. Allen, who I believe was the School Secretary. (I thought perhaps you might like this page, as these are true signatures).
Left to right and from the top down:
Row 1: Lew Tomlinson, Bobbette Cloward, Josh Burrows, Lyn Ream, Gary Strom, Terri Bolton, Donald Coleman, Pat White, John Hronek
Row 2: Julie Hale, Mike Wallace, Jeanine Massengale, Jeff Stewart, Patti Allen, Greg Bundy, Kathie Geaudreau, Leif Erickson, Vicky Bain
Row 3: John Sears, Kathy Erickson, Jeff Neis, Lonnie Lloyd, Debbie Smythe, Vicki Usher, Holli Morton, Gary Bradley
Row 4: Mrs. Weymouth, Donna Herrman, Steven Alberg, Joy Pomeroy, Chris Oosting, Dorothy Hill, Miss Tully.”
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“Class Photo: Mrs. Donner, Grade 5, 1964-65 Our classroom was in the original 1909 building, upstairs in the SE corner. Mrs. Donner is pictured standing at the back to the right. I am sitting on the floor, first on the left with a sweater on. I remember all these faces
and most names, although not recorded in the folder.”
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“Mrs. Weymouth, Grade 4, 1963-64 This photo was likely taken in early April, 1964 at the very old, brick Washington school in Browne’s Addition. Washington school was demolished long ago. My science fair project “How Rocks Are Made” was first set up in Franklin’s old, wooden gym with all the other Franklin entries. Judges chose it “Grand 4th” in the city. This meant the project was to be transported to Washington school and put on their stage along with at least three others. Community, family and friends were invited to come and listen to us speak about our projects from the stage using a microphone. It seems I was released from school that day and did a morning and an afternoon speech at Washington school.”
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“This is the Science Fair Award I won for, “How Rocks Are Made.” I remember it being attached to the project at Franklin but for some reason they took it off while it was on the stage at Washington school. It once was framed and hung in my bedroom but now is loose. It was fun to win that award and represent Franklin!”
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“This photo of Franklin was taken either in the summer of 1964 or 65. I may have taken it as a remembrance, as we moved from the Franklin district in the late summer of 1965.”
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“Teaching Materials: Mrs. Ritter, Grade 3, 1962-63 (First Portable – SW corner, still there!) When I was in the 2nd (Mrs. Keil) and 3rd grades, we were given “newspapers” each week called, “My Weekly Reader.” This one is dated for the week of September 10-14, 1962. What a great way to start the year with that wild-looking owl! I just loved these readings, packed with fascinating information and specifically written to each grade level.”
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“Sanborn Map of the Franklin Area: This map is an update through 1958. The western wing is shown, as well as the first portable on the upper playground, consisting of 4 classrooms. Moreover, the old Franklin Kindergarten house as well as the wood frame gymnasium are there. The little building at an angle in the lower play field is a garage according to Sanborn abbreviations. We lived on the cul de sac to the west called “GIRARD PL.” Our house was directly below the PL. on the map at E 2510. Two well-worn trails led to school, which was about half a block away. I was so lucky to have Franklin so close to home!”
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“Bottle Caps (1961-65) During this time frame our lunch milk came in half pint glass bottles that were sealed with thick, pleated wax paper. To remove the paper, you had to pop off these cardboard caps. All the kids were collecting these caps depicting the Presidents of the United States. Fun!”