Franklin School News/Pictures (Various)

1Dr. IreneGonzales3 (Small).jpg
Dr. Irene Gonzales will be joining Franklin as its 27th Principal. Dr. Gonzales has a long, successful history in the area of education and she comes to us from Spokane Public Schools. Welcome Dr. Gonzales!
MAY 2013
Rita and Mickey (Small).jpg
After many years of leading the pack, Principal Mickey Hanson and Office Manager Reda Andrews are being pulled towards retirement. Both of these women have been wonderful to work with and they will be mightily missed. We’ve tried to con them into staying, but they respond, “Bannana Oil.” They are modern in their language! A farewell celebration will be Tuesday, June 4th, 5 to 7 p.m. in the Franklin Gym.
MAY 2013
MRitchey 003 (Small).JPG
From a student nomination, Kindergarten Teacher Miriam Richey was one of five winners in North America to the receive the Haworth Very Special Teacher Appreciation Award. Because of Mrs. Richey’s award our school received new staff-room tables and chairs. Mrs. Richey has taught for 46 years and we are very proud of her. Many thanks to Haworth Corporation and Mrs. Richey!
This year, as always, Franklin had a batch of terrific students ending their time at Franklin. Susan Burns was the Keynote Speaker at this year’s promotion ceremony. As Franklin students move on to middle school, we wish them all the best as they continue their education!
BurnsRetirement (Small).JPG
Susan Burns, a teacher at Franklin for 30 years, poses with Connie Hen and some of her students. Susan and Kate Jones will be retiring from Franklin this year. They will be missed by all!
JUNE 2012
FranklinLightColorThanks (Small).jpg
The Spokane company, Interior Development East, purchased sweatshirts for every Franklin student and staff person. (Wow). This was perfectly timed for Christmas, 2011 and the cold weather. Here are some of us wearing them. Thanks IDE! Thanks also to graphics expert, Jill Poland.
MAY 2012
Peter and the Wolf (Small).JPG
The front glass case by the office has been the venue for hundreds of displays over the years. This one had a Peter and the Wolf theme. School will be underway very soon and new arrangements will be placed in this case!
Peace Sign (Small).JPG
Last year’s theme revolved around peace. Here’s an example of some of the hundreds of art pieces that highlighted the concept of peace.
JULY 2010
Nooshin Aflatooni Bonnie Robinson (Small).JPG
This is Activity Director, Nooshin Aflatooni and Director, Boonie Robinson of the Franklin Express program. Sadly, Bonnie is leaving after many years. She will now be an Express float person. Express is a before and after school activities program.
Grads on Stage (Small).JPG
The 2010 Grads on the Franklin stage!
Speech and LC Friends (Small).JPG
This is a picture taken at the end-of-year speech and learning center party–a fun time had by all!
Shelly Pederson (Small).JPG
Shelly Pederson smiles for the camera!
Kathy Brinkley and Brian Shute. (Small).JPG
Kathy Brinkley and Brian Shute say, “Here Here, another great year at Franklin!”
JUNE 2010
Arena Convert2 051110 (Small).JPG
On May 11, 2010, band and string students throughout the district gathered at the arena to offer a giant concert! Special thanks to music teacher, Teresa Sauther for these shots!
Arena Concert1 (Small).JPG
May Pole Celebration 1 (Small).JPG
These shots were taken at the Franklin May Pole Celebration. Elaborate dance steps weave colorful ribbons around the May Pole. The Franklin dancers performed very well and this was fun to watch! Pictures by Teresa Sauther.
May Pole Celebration 2 (Small).JPG
MAY 2010
Batik Art by Apple students025 (Small).jpg
As you walk in the front entrance of Franklin School, this Batik artwork adorns the wall. It was created by APPLE students and Kenyan artist, Nicholas Sironka on October 1, 2007.
APRIL 2010
Henrietta the Hen _edited-1 (WinCE).jpg
Connie Oliver Ahrenberg graduated from Franklin in 1960 and wrote this charming childrens’ book in 2009. It is published by Xlibris Corporation and is available for reading in the Franklin library.
MARCH 2010
Pied Piper Play (Small).jpg
The Missoula Children’s Theater came to Franklin and directed, The Pied Piper, using Franklin students as actors and choir members. The performance was a hit and everyone had a ton of fun.
Josi's Snowman in Mrs. Patton's 4th Grade (Small).jpg
JANUARY 2010 Happy New Year
This friendly snowman piece was created by Josi in Mrs. Patton’s classroom. Theme: Favorite Snowman. Medium: Chalk on art paper. Technique: Chalk blending and color use. Rating: Five Stars. Artist: Miss Josi. Date: January 2010.
A Winter at Franklin (Small).jpg
Titled, A Frosty Franklin, these students were from Mrs. Yake’s classroom. In friendship with the snow that last winter brought to the lower field, this photograph was turned into a note card. Pretty cool huh? Photograph taken by Joan Yake.
Peace Picture Oct 09 (Small).jpg
Here, the entire Franklin student body posed for peace.
funrun09 008 (Small).jpg
On September 25, Franklin held its 4th Annual Fun Run. This is the PTG’s big fundraiser used for clubs, activities, and fieldtrips. At the Fun Run, Franklin students run to raise bucks. This collective fitness activity is not only fun, but this year students raised $5000. WhooHoo! Photographs by Anne Walter.
funrun09 001 (Small).jpg
Peace Pole Assembly 3 (Small).jpg
Franklin students recited words of peace, some in various languages. Counselor Anne Walter described some components of peace.
On September 21, 2009, Franklin School celebrated Peace Day and commemorated the Franklin Peace Pole. The pole was obtained by principals, Mickey Hanson and Sonya Ault as a tribute to the Franklin students and the need for peace in our world. Printed words in Japanese, Russian, Spanish, and English along each side of the pole read, “May peace prevail on earth.” A small gold plaque also states, “Dedicated to the children of Franklin School. May they be peacemakers of the world. Franklin School Principals, May 2009.” Historically, Franklin students are no strangers to the attributes of a peaceful world. In 1985, Franklin students took part in the Million Cranes for Peace. Oragami cranes by the box-full were sent to President Reagan… the message was clear, Peace on earth. The Peace Pole resides in the front entrance area of Franklin. Thanks to Kristine Campos for the photos.
Peace Pole Assembly 4 (Small).jpg
Principal Mickey Hanson explains the importance of Peace Day and dedicates the Peace Pole.
This shot from the 1963 Franklin graduating class was selected as this month’s photo. Golly, fashions have sure changed. Note the brilliant colors, knee high dresses, and the white shirts with black ties for the boys. The girls had white gloves… and you thought Michael Jackson started that trend. This old picture was scanned on 3/26/09 and was donated by Dean Carriveau.
Student art (Small).JPG
Vincent van Gogh would probably be jealous. Cool artwork like this can be seen around Franklin charming the place. How many such pieces have adorned the halls at Franklin over the course of a century? Ten thousand? Perhaps a million? This question is anyone’s best guess… Do you remember any of your own works that were taped or tacked on the Franklin walls?
Joan Yake 0609 (Small) (2).JPG
JULY 2009
This is longtime teacher Joan Yake with some of her students. Due to budget cuts, Joan will be leaving Franklin but will be picked up at Jefferson for next year. Farewell Joan, we will miss you!
ClaireH Retirement (Small).JPG
JUNE 2009
This shot, taken June 5th, 2009, is at Claire Haslebacher’s retirement farewell. Claire was the assistant librarian at Franklin and will be missed by all. Good luck, Claire!
From left to right: Susan Norton, Becky Davis, Claire Haslebacher, and Shelly Pederson.
Parade Beginning (Small).JPG
MAY 2009
Franklin School Centennial Parade line-up and first to roll. May 22, 2009. West end of Lincoln Park on 17th Avenue, Spokane.
Franklin student at parade (WinCE).jpg
One of thousands of smiles observed at the parade. Photo by Wendy Hinckle.