03/25/09 Guns In School

I post a lot of old school pictures and this one really caught my eye. This late 40s or early 50s shot shows a classroom of happy kids. Two boys, however, are posing with firearms–one with a handgun, the other with a shotgun. Of course, it is entirely possible that they were toys but even still, it raises eyebrows in today’s world. Even I remember having cap guns as a kid. They were heavy, looked authentic, and were well made out of chromed pot metal.
The kiddo with the double barrel is in the back of the room sitting in front of the teacher on the left. The barrel is being held upward. Look close. Before there were school shootings, no one ever thought differently. In fact, a friend of mine recalls that kids in his 1970’s high school rifle club used to keep their 22 caliber rifles in their lockers. See what 60 years or less does. I would say that times have changed.
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