Franklin Photo/Exhibit Gallery 2000s

FranklinLightColorThanks (Small).jpg
The Spokane company, Interior Development East, purchased sweatshirts for every Franklin student and staff person. (Wow). This was perfectly timed for Christmas, 2011 and the cold weather. Here are some of us wearing them. Thanks IDE! Thanks also to graphics expert, Jill Poland.
Grads on Stage (Small).JPG
The 2009-2010 Grads on the Franklin stage. This was a fantastic celebration on June 10, 2010.
Entrance of the graduates (Small).JPG
June 10, 2010. The Grads enter and march to the stage. The Color Guard and flag Salute was given by Jacob and Ethan Jones.
Grads receive diploma (Small).JPG
June 10, 2010. Grads receiving their diploma. As a prelude, Heather Heidenreich and Tiffany Adams sang, “Titanic.” Grads sang “We are the world” which was led by Olivia Davis. Ethan Myers was awarded the prestigious Cooper Jones Award.
Teresa Sauther (Small).JPG
June 10, 2010. Music teacher, Teresa Sauther, sang “I Hope You Dance.” Inspirational speeches were offered by Mrs. Hanson, Mr. Malm and students, Shelby Potvin, Inna Shevchenko, Haley Proper and Sarah Horn. A terrific slide show by Kristine Campos was followed by cake and punch.
Mickey Hanson0609 (WinCE).JPG
“Take me to your leader.” Caught at her desk, this June 2009 picture shows Principal Mickey Hanson smiling for the camera.
Some of Dr. Shute's Speech Students (Small).JPG
This June 2009 shot shows some speech kids at Dr. Shute’s end-of-year speech party.
6th grade promo 061609 (small).jpg
June 2009 Promotion shots
Parade Beginning (Small).JPG
The beginning of the Franklin Parade on May 22, 2009.
Parade Crowd2 (Small).JPG
A large crowd at the Franklin Centennial Parade on May 22, 2009. This was a festive time in the history of Franklin and the Lilac City – a page is devoted just to it. To see more pictures of the Centennial Parade and Festival go here.
Parade Student 052209 (Small).jpg
This picture and caption came from the Spokesman Review Newspaper, March 23, 2009. Special thanks to the Spokesman Review for this photograph.
AlumniCrowd (Small).JPG
On May 21, 2009, an Alumni-Friends Reception took place to kick-off the Centennial Celebration. A page is devoted just to it. Take me to the page.
ntennial,FrontofFranklinSchool,Panorama,5-22-2009,medium (Small).jpg
These are panoramic views of the front and back of Franklin. Special thanks to Ray Mosher for these photographs taken around the time of the centennial celebration.
PanViewMosher052109 (Small).jpg
mickeydamein (Small).jpg
Esteemed principal, Mickey Hanson and a Franklin student smile for the camera at the St. Paddy’s Day Parade, 2008.
FranklinFrontStairs052009 (Small).JPG
Welcome to Franklin. These are the Franklin front steps as they look in 2009. Countless photographs of kids in costumes have been taken in this very spot. Often taken around Christmas, a decorated tree is observed in the background. How many Franklin students and staff have climbed these stairs over the last century?
FranklinSchoolClassof1954,ChristmasPlay,1949,withnumbers (Small).jpg
Kids from the Christmas Play in 1949.
Entrance and MayPole (Small).JPG
In the front entrance area, you can see the May Pole and a picture of the student body. The May Pole Dance occurs each year with Mrs. Danica’s class performing it.
FranklinStaff08-09 (Small).jpg
Meet the 2008-2009 Franklin staff. This shot was taken by Leo’s Studio which is still doing a terrific job.
RedaAndrews2009 (Small).JPG
This is Mrs. Andrews, Office Manager, Chieftain, whose organizational efforts make Franklin spin like a top. Appreciated by students and staff alike. Photo taken May 2009.
Tama and Niki (Small).JPG
This May 2009 shot captures teachers Tama Jordan and Niki Gadau smiling for the camera.
Franklin 2006-2007.jpg
This 2006-2007 photograph was taken in front of the school next to ancient pines.
Franklin Snow 2007 (Small).JPG
This shot was taken in 2007 by Kristine Campos. It shows a dusting of snow on the beautiful Franklin grounds. In 2008, Spokane got record snow.
Lantern Walk11-06-08 008_edited (Small).jpg
On November 6, 2008, Franklin students enjoyed the annual Lantern Walk. This school wide festival involves student made lanterns that are highly decorated. Here, the Franklin community celebrates shorter days, cool nights, and bright stars. The brainchild of teacher Rebecca Danica about a dozen years ago, this yearly event involves scores of children with candle lanterns, singing, treats, and hot cider. The picture above shows students marching down the sidewalk along 17th. Special thanks to Devon Kelley for photographs.
Lantern Walk11-06-08 009 (Small).jpg
Here’s a collection of some lanterns.
Lantern Walk11-06-08 012 (Small).jpg
MosherVisit3_edited (Small).jpg
This is Ray and Robert Mosher who attended Franklin in the 40s and 50s. They are sitting at the location of where Principal Widley had his desk many decades earlier. Brother Bob (in red) recalled being paddled by the Mr. Widley for a snowball throwing infraction. He also recalled that in this same room there were two switches next to each other; one for the recess/exit bell, the other for the fire alarm. Honored students were given the opportunity to “ring the bell.” Bob explained that on one occasion, he accidently rang the fire alarm (it only happened once). The Moshers have been extremely helpful providing pictures, documents, oral histories, and other historical information!
Franklin Sketch (Small).jpg
Thomas Campos sketched this drawing of the Franklin School. In fact, the sketch is featured on a commemorative bar of soap and note cards which will be available at the Franklin Carnival on 4/25/09, the Alumni Reception on 5/21/09, and the Festival on 5/22/09. The commemorative soaps can also be found at Huckleberrys on the the South Hill, Simply Northwest on Sprague Avenue, or by contacting Newman Bluffs SoapWorks at (509) 448-5970.
Sayler,Marjorie, Bob2008-09 017 (Small).jpg
In September 2008, brother and sister Robert (Bobby) and Marjorie Sayler visited Franklin. They attended Franklin in the 1930s and it was certainly a treat to meet them! Here are the people shown from left to right: Brian Shute, Marjorie Sayler, Robert E. Sayler, Mickey Hanson. Note the bust of Benjamin Franklin in the background. Both Bobby and Marjorie have been helpful in the provision of pictures and artifacts.

Franklin Photo/Exhibit Gallery 1990s

1st Day of School Fall 1996 (Small).jpg
First day of school, Fall 1996. Special thanks to Mike Cosgrove for this and other pictures from this era.
1st Day of School Sept 1996 (Small).jpg
May Pole Dance May 1996 (Small).jpg
This picture taken on May 23, 1996 by the Spokesman Review showed Rebecca Danica’s students performing the May Pole Dance. This Franklin tradition continues each May.
Alex Southworth Jan 1997 (Small).jpg
This photograph of Principal Alex Southworth, taken in January 1997, shows him smiling for the camera. It is said that during his tenure at Franklin, Alex was the most “kid-like” principal the school had ever seen!
Curt Dreese, Virginia Erickson, Reda Andrews Jan 1997 (Small).jpg
This January 1997 shot captures Psychologist Curt Dreese, Virginia Erickson, and Reda Andrews sitting up front.
Jan 1997 (Small).jpg
Some students pose as teachers or the principal or something… and the resemblance is uncanny. January 1997
Javauna Hollowell Jan 1997 (Small).jpg
Javauna Hollowell reviews another annual report during January 1997.
Mrs. Brady, Student Teacher, Students Jan 1997 (Small).jpg
This picture taken in January 1997 shows Nancy Brady, her student teacher, and some fantastic students.
Mrs. Calkins' Class Jan 1997 (Small).jpg
Beth Calkins and some of her students smile for the photographer. January 1997.
Mrs. Coble in the Library Jan 1997 (Small).jpg
Mrs. Coble in the library.
Mrs. Corigliano's Class Jan 1997 (Small).jpg
Mrs. Chris Corigliano’s class, January 1997.
Mrs. Ferrante Jan 1997 (Small).jpg
Shutter shy, Char Ferrante, keeps her eyes on the paperwork.
Ms. Burns Jan 1997 (Small).jpg
Yes, you guessed it! This is Susan Burns!
Ms. Dalton and students Jan 1997 (Small).jpg
This is Ms Dalton and some of her students in January 1997.

Franklin Photo/Exhibit Gallery 1980s

On November 8, 1989, Franklin celebrated its first 100 years, 1889-1989. This included the original downtown Franklin School which was completed in 1889 and burned down after it was purchased by the railroad in 1909. The celebration was a grand one and several old timers appeared for the reunion. Some of those pictures from the 1989 party remain but their names have been lost. We’d love to know who some of these people are. If you know, please tell us…
Unknown Alum 1989. Oneoftheoriginals 028 (Small).jpg
This is Lois Cain (in front) and Lois Moller. Photograph taken in 1989 at the Franklin Reunion.
PartyDown1989MusicTeacher 026 (Small).jpg
We believe this energetic soul was the music teacher but what was her name? Photograph taken in 1989 at the Franklin Reunion.
UnknownAlum2  024 (Small).jpg
Other unknown alumni from the 1989 reunion.
Reunion Cake 025 (Small).jpg
The Welcome Back cake which featured a little red schoolhouse.
Franklin Reunion 027 (Small).jpg
Some participants in the reunion.
DougClark1989 (Small).jpg
Alumnus Doug Clark caught by the camera.
This photo was taken sometime in the fall season. The two smaller trees to the left and right of the front door have been removed since the photo was taken. Also, the bushes against the building have grown considerably. And now that I take a closer look, the trunks on those pine are now bigger than what is depicted here.
70s 80s Mario 006.jpg
In March of 1986 The Great Mario performed his mime show on the Franklin stage.
70s 80s Mario 025.jpg
A mime is not a mime without making people laugh. Here, the Franklin students and audience are taking part in the fun. Do you have any idea where The Great Mario is now?
Historical Note: Since this picture was posted, some identities have surfaced. First, the boy in the blue jacket, plaid shirt, and glasses is David Ritchey, son of the very popular kindergarten teacher, Miriam Ritchey. Second, the blond girl on the left is Sara Burns, daughter of the snap-cracklin’ teacher, Susan Burns. Despite this terrific information, I still want to know where the Great Mario is now.
70s 80s Mario 126 (Small).jpg
1985-86 Franklin Staff Pictures
Front Row: Gordon Bailey, Don Baldwin, Kathy DuCrest, Miriam Ritchey, Donna Hopkins, Betty Winborn, Marcia Wolfe. Row 2: Jim Albi, Patty John, James Holden, Linda Amos, Pauline Finley, Connie Peterson, Elva Mote. Row 3: Susan Burns, Tanya Karim, Kathy Brinkley, Katherine Emtman, Craig Bageant, Helen Prenguber, Connie Mattox. Not Pictured: Jan Rettig, Dan Loos
70s 80s Mario 125 (Small).jpg
1985-86 Apple
Front Row: Beth William, Anna William, Erinn Leopard, Elizabeth Moyers, Eric Seethaler, Javob Wolbach, Annie Rose Miller, Kitty McMichael, Michelle Haynes, Nathan Tarbert, Saiah Schneider, Jesse Geddes, Jonathan Tarbert, Aric LaFleur, Malinda Hurley, Joseph Seethaler, Blake Golliher. Row 2: Thorn Brown, Tom Lackaff, KevinStart, Ryan Mckee, Robin Guevara, Ian Porter, LaRena Porter, Casey Golliher, Melvin Sethaler, James Drexler, Josh Powell, Allen Monroe, Noah Yacker, Sean Drexler, Jeremy Larsen, Joe Benson. Row 3: Mathew Lozano, Aaron Daniel, Sarah Gabousy, Carrie Mckee, Chelsea Nesbitt, Tara Dougherty, Danica Ducrest, Jesse Allert, Michaela Hurley, Michelle Smith, April McMichael, Chuck Brineman, December Lozano, Katy Mansker, Toria Rollins, Eden Ducrest, Angela Haynes, Heatehr Hart. Row 4: Kathy Duecrest, Kathy Davis, Rachel Dunn, Kara Leopard Waverly Bennett,Zain Stowell, Jennifer McKee, Jolene Pollock, Diana Larson, Amy Boerner, Shannone Seaton, Sara Burns, Jimmy Seethaler, Jason Jackson, Tracy Wright, Lester LaFleur, Aaron Traylor, Susan Burns. Not Pictured: Dan Landergott, Kane Blalock, Carrie Hanson, Adam Irwin, Joyson Kock, Courtney Hanks, Mathew Hurley
5-6grades1980-81Diane Brugger (Small).jpg
1981 Franklin Fifth and Sixth Grades
5-6th Grade 1980-81 Diane Brugger’s Picture
First names only. Mrs. Dike, Principal
Bottom Row: Morgan, Aaron, Tre’, Dan, Josh, Jeff, Mike, Dan.
Middle Row: Trina, Jeani, Cindy, Kris, Marci, Joli, Christel, Diane, Michelle Top Row: Mr. Smith, Sheri, Stephinie, Melissa, Karla, Dana, Roxanne, Tami, Mrs. Schmelzer.
Special thanks to Diane Gust (Brugger) for this and other pictures spanning multiple generations of the Brugger family.
Grade 6 1981-82 (Small).jpg
1982 Franklin Sixth Grade Class
Bottom Row: Dan Scott, Chris Ralston, Brian Mantz, Chris Ulrich
Second Row: John Livingston, Chris Mann, Jeff Jackodson (sp?), Robert Eccles, Dan Gorner, Robbie Brown, Doug McGowan.
Third Row: Teresa Cranford, Trina Boggess, Jeff Harrison, Jason Komdrece, David Huime, Tami Eccles, Christel Shulz, Nikki Devine.
Top Row: Tanya Miller, Jeanne Sentman, Diane Brugger (me), Joli Anderson, Candace McCarthy, Gail Oosting, Tabitha Pain, Mr. Robertson.
1981FranklinStaffFunPix (Small).jpg
When good teachers go bad! This circa 1981 picture captures a little fun.
Front Row (left to right): Tom Weatherholt, (?), Gordon Bailey, Donna Hopkins, (?), Dick Robinson.
Row 2: Nadine Schmelzer; Helen Prengauber, Patty Gates, Betty Winborn, Connie Maddox, Linda Amos
Back Row: Sharlie Scott, Mary ?, Maxine Magnus, Pauline Finley, Elva Mote.

Franklin Photo/Exhibit Gallery 1970s

(sm) Rhonda Langford, Sheri Lewis, Lambchop, Jimmy Carter, Christmas Seal Award in Oval Office (Small).jpg
There are many pieces of unique history that have come out of Franklin School and this is one of them. During Jimmy Carter’s presidency, Rhonda Langford (a third grader in Mrs. Maddox’s clasroom) drew this 1977 Christmas Seal. Christmas Seals are a longtime tradition sponsored through the American Lung Association to raise money. Since 1881, famous artists like Norman Rockwell, and occasionally children under the age of twelve, have designed the seals that are licked and placed on millions of envelopes each Christmas. This youthful seal rose to the top, first on a district level, then the state level, and finally on a federal level. It depicts the wisemen, a camel, and the star(s) shining brightly. Rhonda and another student artist were invited to the Oval Office to have their seals autographed by the President. Famous ventriloquist, Sheri Lewis along with “Lamb Chop,” were there for the event too. By the way, the Oval Office was built in 1909, the same year that Franklin was built. Special thanks to Mary Langford for these photographs.
(sm) Rhonda Langford Christmas Seal Award Circa 1977 (Small).jpg
1977 FranklinGradeSchool,parkinglot(Small).jpg
1977 FranklinGradeSchool,Spokane (Small).jpg
These 1977 photographs show Franklin’s parking lot and some, now-classic cars. Special thanks to Bob Mosher for these and other photographs.
Franklin Building circa 1970s (Small).jpg
This black and white photograph was probably taken in the 1970s, but possibly the 1980s.
AMKinder1972 (Small).jpg
1972 AM Kindergarten Class, Miss Benner and later Mrs. Amos. Special thanks to Diane Gust (Brugger) for this and other photographs.
70s 80s Mario 028.jpg
First Grade Franklin students 1975.
The following is a collection of Franklin pictures that come from the mid-1970s. Unfortunately, we do not have many of the names that go along with many of them. It’s likely that someone viewing these pictures will recognize themself and their classmates. If that person is you, we would be delighted to learn the names of students and teachers.
Special thanks to Pete Black for providing some names.
70s 80s Mario 029.jpg
70s 80s Mario 030.jpg
70s 80s Mario 031.jpg
Mrs. Johnson-Winborn’s 1975-76 Second Grade Class
Top Row: Student teacher, can’t recall name, Jane Larison, Rhonda Langford , ?, Jenger Jones, ? , ?, Lori White, Mrs. Johnson (later married and became Mrs. Winborn)
Middle Row: Patrick ?, Mike Smith, Greg Keller, ?, ?, Kyle ?, Kim Plemons, ?.
Bottom Row, Pete Black (dig my happening cowboy/Hawaiian shirt), ?, Dave Pendell, Frank Betts, ?, Mike Devolve.
Special thanks to Pete Black for some of the names associated with these photographs.
70s 80s Mario 032.jpg
Mrs. Maddox and her 1975-76 Third Grade Class
70s 80s Mario 033.jpg
Mrs. McCallister (right) and her 1975-76 Third Grade Class.
Pete Black says: “I’m pretty sure that the student on bottom row, right, dressed in red is Eugene Smith.”
70s 80s Mario 034.jpg
Mrs. Evans and her 1975-76 Fourth Grade Class.
Top Row: Mrs. Evans, Jennifer Payton, ?, ?, ?, ?, Suzette Balou, Kris Black (Pete Black’s sister), ?.
Second Row from Top: None identified.
Third Row from Top: Mark Barron, Jerry Pearman, ?, ?, ? , ?
Bottom Row: None identified.
70s 80s Mario 035.jpg
Mrs. Alsted’s 1975-76 Fifth/Sixth Grade Class.
70s 80s Mario 036.jpg
SaraHenault1978MrsAmos (Small).jpg
Sara Henault, a kindergartner in Mrs. Amos’ 1978 class, smiles for the camera on Franklin’s front steps.

Franklin Photo/Exhibit Gallery 1960s

Sheila1A (Small).jpg
In the 60s the Franklin basement had Ping Pong tables and there were district champions that rose to the top. This 1961 newspaper clip shows Sheila Jones, Joyce Palmer and Leslie Cooper as Franklin Ping Pong champions. Bob Gardner was from Finch; and Bob Griffith and Kerry Baker were from Garfield School. Particular thanks to Janet Jones Bluhm of Surprise, Arizona for this photograph.
Dean Carriveau 1962 Spokane Coliseum (Small).JPG
This 1962 photograph of the All City Christmas concert was taken at the Spokane Coliseum. The entire main floor of the venue was covered with band, string, chorus groups, and special choirs made up of kids from all of District 81 schools. They used to pack the house in those days as there was huge parent interest and kid involvement. Franklin student, Dean Carriveau, is in the second row, fifth from the left. Another student from Franklin, Stanton (Stan) Parish is fourth from the right on the top row. Special thanks to Dean Carriveau for this and other photographs from this period. For more information about these pictures go to the Oral-Written History section.
Dean Carriveau 1962 (Small).JPG
Dean Carriveau poses for the camera before the 1962 Christmas concert.
Franklin Carols1967 edited (Small).jpeg
This circa 1967 picture from the Spokesman Review shows a group of people singing Christmas carols in the Franklin neighborhood. All of them, except the ponies, Angel and Satin, graduated from Franklin School. Eberhardt “Abe” Frederking is Santa; Shannon and Shelly Birchill are in red sweaters (Shelly is closest to the ponies which she leased from Abe); Nancy Moar is in the red scarf; Don Coleman is last boy on the left. Jeff Stewart is in the straw hat; Louise Coleman is the female with glasses; to Abe’s left is Randy Stewart; in front of him is Tommy Moar. The picture was taken in Graham Larson’s front yard around 13th Street. The wagon belonged to Abe (whose parents homesteaded the area) and, in snowy winters, the wheels were removed and it became a sleigh. Note the bows on the ponies and their curiosity of the photographer. Old homesteads and farms existed around Franklin School. Even though it’s not, this photograph truly resembles a work of Norman Rockwell!
1967Frank Kinderhouse.jpg
This picture was taken in 1967 in front of the Franklin Kinderhouse on Mt. Vernon Street. The woman in glasses is Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Chamberlin. The little girl is Shelly Birchill-Pederson who is now a teacher at Franklin. (She couldn’t stay away) The little boy in plaid is Scott Findly. The other lad is Johnny (last name unknown). We don’t know the name of the women in sunglasses. The house and land behind it was purchased, in part, from money obtained by parent groups– dinners, socials, and other functions helped to raise money. Parents in the community built the miniature furniture that was used inside too. The Franklin Kinderhouse was torn down sometime in the late 60s or 70s. For a little more information about the Franklin Kinderhouse read the Blast From The Past article.
Franklin Class of 1962 (Small).jpg
1962, Graduating Class of 1962
Front: Mr. James Hamilton, Sydney Allison, Eddy Franz, George Harrison, Anita Davis, Kay Tobias, Miss Peg Tully (principal), Martha Lawson, Kay Olney, Alan Carriveau, Ricky Novak, Mike Hall, James Bolton, Paul Idding, Mr. McCarthy
2nd Row: Mike Van Horne, Rick Deno, Bruce Finney, Linda Dodte, Joany Bush, Ron Lowery, Dan White, Rodger Hartman, Robert Hartman, Jean Fullington, Karey Lou Moylan, Bonnie Campbell, Sandra Garver, Bonnie White, Diane Alfano, Norm Wells
3rd Row: Tom McMullen, Nancy Taggart, Sharon Rosenbalm, Larry Moore, Dianne Blumhagen, Donald Dalquist, Steve Durbin, Ron Westlund, Dan DeMulling, Judy Hart, Pat Herrmann, Steve Earsley, Larry Coolbaugh, Judy Wilson, Ruth Haynes
4th Row: Beth Kalinoski, Susan Brown, Dave Litzenberger, Susan Crawford, Wayne (Buddy) Revious, Molly, McConnell, Mark Mors, Charlyn Fulton, John Carver, Don Brown, Merry Ludberg, Greg Bogus, Maridel (Virginia) Carter, Tim Burdine, Bonnie Bell, Janet Claeson, Steve Hanson, Art Johnson
013 (Small) (WinCE).jpg
In front of old gym on the last day of Eighth Grade, 1962. “Schooool’s out for the summer!” Don Brown, Mr. James Hamilton, John Carver
001 (Small).jpg
1960-1961, Class of 1962, Seventh Grade, Miss Ogilvie
Front Row: Sandra Garver, Kay Tobias, Jean Fullington
2nd Row: Burton Smith, Robert Hartman, Bruce Finney, Steve Durbin, Mike Van Horne, Rodger Hartman, Rick Deno, James Bolton
3rd Row: Karey Lou Moylan, Diane Wynne, Janet Claeson, Linda Dodte, Beth Kalinoski, Charlyn Fulton, Merry Ludberg, Ann Geese, Ruth Haynes, Bonnie Bell
4th Row: Dave Litzenberger, Noel Waters, Dave Glaze, Ron Westlund, Don Brown, Greg Bogus,Tim Burdine, Art Johnson, Bob Stallings
Particular thanks to Robert Hartman for providing some of the names in this photograph.
Bob Hartman Photo (Small).jpg
1961-1962, Class of 1962, Eighth Grade, Mr. McCarty
Top Row: Mike Van Horne, Maridel Carter, Larry Coolbaugh, Diane
Blumhagen, Mark Mors, Judy Hart, Norm Wells.
Third Row: Anita Davis, Paul Iddins, Martha Lawson, Robert Hartman, Susie Brown, Edy Franz, Bonnie White.
Second Row: Donald Dahlquist, Sidney Allison, Larry Moore, Judy Wilson ?, Kay Olney, Dan White, Pat Herrman, Tom McMullen.
Bottom Row: Mr. McCarty,Susan Crawford, Joanne Bush, John Carver, Bonnie Campbell, George Harrison, Nancy Taggart, Alan Carriveau.
Special thanks to Robert Hartman for this photograph.
022 (Small).jpg
1961-1962, Class of 1962, Eighth Grade, Mr. James Hamilton
Front: Mr. Hamilton, Bonnie Bell, Dan DeMulling, Rodger Hartman, Mike Hall, Art Johnson, James Bolton, Ron Lowry
2nd Row: Don Brown, Charlyn Fulton, Tim Burdine, Ruth Haynes, Steve Earsley, Linda Dodte, Greg Bogus, Diane Wynne
3rd Row: Kay Tobias, Wayne “Buddy” Revious, Merry Ludberg, Steve Durbin, Beth Kalinoski, Dave Litzenberger, Janet Claeson, Rick Deno, Sharon Rosenbalm
4th Row: Ricky Novak, Sandra Garver, Bruce Finney, Molly McConnell, Bob Stallings, Jean Fullington, Ron Westlund, Karey Lou Moylan
010 (WinCE).jpg
This circa 1961 shot is of Sharon Rosenbaum standing in front of the old Franklin Gym.
6th Grade Mrs. Goraber59-60 (Small).jpg
1960, Class or 1962, Sixth Grade class of Mrs. Goraber. Special thanks to Dianne Blumhagen-LaBissioniere for this and other pictures from this era.
Historical Note: This 1960 classroom photograph was the first one in the Franklin archives to be developed in color. Other pictures before this time were developed in black and white. Interestingly, the graduating class picture of 1962, which came after this time, was developed in black and white.
011 (Small) (WinCE).jpg
In front of Franklin on the last day of 8th Grade, 1962: Judy Hart and Don Brown
1960 8thGradeRuthOlsen (Small).jpg
1960-1961, Eighth Grade Class, Mr. Leinweber, Mr. Hamilton
Bottom Row left to right: Terry Stallcop, Roland Stearns, Tom Lawson, Kent Warren
Row 2: Stephne Mujie, Laurel Hansen, Joyce Palmer, Tim Sharp, Shirley Patrick, Dan Dillon, Maureen Cooper, Judy Adams, Carolyn Billings
Row 3: Mr. Hardin, Mr. Hamilton, Jim Morgan, Gale Parrish, Pete Howard, Dick Jellerson, Jim Williams, Dennis M, Jim White, Ricky Olson, Merle Bell, Mr. Leinweber.
Row 4: Kathy Jones, Christine Brakel, Nancy Perrone, Judy Howard, Kathleen Stevens, Diane Newett, Marilyn Murray, Sheila Jones, Jerri Roe, Karen Olsen, Leslie Cooper, Sharon Lartz.
Row 5: Mike Carter, Doug Stewart, David Hill, Ron Miller, Steve Niemela, John Elmer, Rick Blumhagen, Stan Howard, Larry Wilson, David Seim, Richard McGovney.
(sm)1960FranklinCheerLeaders KarenOlsen,ChristineBrakel,Diane Blumhagen, JoycePalmer,CarolynBillings,JudyHart,KathyJones,LeslieCooper (Small).jpg
1960 Franklin Cheerleaders
Karen Olsen, Christine Brakel, Diane Blumhagen, Joyce Palmer, Carolyn Billings, Judy Hart, Kathy Jones, Leslie Cooper.
Special thanks to Karen Ruth (Olsen) for this and other pictures from this era.

Franklin Photo/Exhibit Gallery 1950s Volume 2

2nd Grade 1958  021 (Small).jpg
1958, Second Grade, 1958-1959 School Year. Teacher: Mrs. Keil.
Special thanks to Mr. Rex Cooper for this and another photograph. Rex attended Franklin for 2nd and 3rd grades and has fond memories of the place. He is in Row two, second from the right in the striped shirt.
1959 3rd grade  022 (Small).jpg
1959, Third Grade, 1959-1960 School Year. Teacher Mrs. Harris.
Rex Cooper is directly behind Mrs. Harris again in the striped shirt.
Mary Kay,Fac1954 Pictures 002a (Small).jpg
1954 Franklin Faculty
Starting with the upper left:
1 Mr. Gerald L. Saling (Eighth Grade, Boys P.E.); 2 Miss Ruth I. Davis (Vocal Music); 3 Miss Edith J. Ogilvie (Seventh Grade); 4 Mrs. Harriet H. Schlomer (Fourth Grade); 5 Miss Dorothea G. Rousseau (Sixth Grade & Librarian); 6 Mrs. Speer; 7 ?; 8 Miss Agnes M. Blomberg (Fifth Grade); 9 Mr. John P. Kingsland (Seventh Grade, Boys P.E.); 10 Mr. Roy J. Hale (Fifth & Sixth Grades); 11 ?; 12 Mrs. Frances M. Goraber (Sixth Grade, Girls P.E.); 13 Mrs. Freeman (Second Grade); 14 Mrs. Allen (Secretary); 15 Mr. Walter E. Wildey (Principal); 16 Mrs. Marion L. Green (Fourth Grade); 17 Mrs. Elsie P. Coon (Third Grade); 18 Miss Geraldine M. Johnson (Third Grade).
Mary Kay1954 8th Pictures 003b (Small).jpg
1955, Eighth Graders, Mr Saling, left of the class.
Front Row – Left to Right: Walter (Bud/Buddy) Castle, ?, Bob Potts, Tom Burkhart, Cy Hallett, Dennis Cerenzia, ?
Row Two: Betty Jones, ?, Linda Schlomer, Carol Herlin, Charlene Ness, Mary Kay Davis, Janet Rausch, Linda Chauvin (Shauvin), Arlene Batchelor
Top Row: Leland Johnson, Jim Deno, Ken Craft, Nick Cline, Ken Kramer, Reid Tinling.
Mary Kay1954 Grad Pictures 003a (Small).jpg
1955, Graduating Class
Mr. Saling is to the left of the class, Mrs. Nogel and Principal Hardin are to the right of the class.
Front Row: Janyce Carlos, Janet Rausch, Linda Chauvin, Judy Brown, Linda Nichols, Arlene Batchelor
Second Row: Bud Castle, ?, ? , Denny Cerenzia, Cy Hallet, Tom Burkhart, ?, Keith Cauvel, Doug Shaw, Clark Long, Fred Schuster, George Bergquist
Third Row: Betty Jones, ?, Charlene Ness, Mary Kay Davis, Linda Schlomer, Carol Herlin, Jean Rabe, Diane Cummings, Jo Ann Lorinski, Carol Herlin, Wilma Anderson, Sharon Brandt, Barbara Blair
Top Row: Sam Cook, Reid Tinling, Ken Kramer, Nick Cline, Leland Johndon, Jim Deno, Ken Craft, Terry Hendrickson, Ralph Cornwall, Bruce Becklund, Richie Symms, Paul Warner, Dan Russell, Joyce Moore.
1955DawesEddy 6thGrade (Small).jpg
1955, Franklin Sixth Grade. Teacher: R.J. Hale. Special thanks to Dawes Eddy for this and another photograph from this era.
1954DawesEddy5th 6th grades (Small).jpg
1954, Franklin Fifth and Sixth Grades.
Graduating class 1953  010 (Small).jpg
1953, Class of 1953, Teacher: Gerald Saling; Principal: Walter Wildley
Top Row Left to Right: ?; ?; Jim Stewart; Wallace Sharpe; ?; Karl Guenzel; Glen Scritchfield; Hugh Tinling; Frank Loriman; ?; Bill Johnson; Gary Harris. Second Row from top: Richard Gilmore; Pat Allen; ?; Gary Carriveau; Judith Manor; Harriett George; Sandra McCreight; Sally Anderson; ?; Leroy French; Claude Fry; ?; Larry Seehorn. Bottom Row: Arlene Neumiller; Geraldine Meyers; ?; Marilyn Larsen; Marilyn Waters; Barbara Hansen; Joanne Morlin; Nancy Dawson.
Special thanks to Gary Harris for providing photographs and names from this era.
8th grade 1953 009 (Small).jpg
1953, Eight Years Together
Top Row Left to Right: Richard Gilmore; Gary Carriveau; Wallace Sharpe; Karl Guenzel; Hugh Tinling; Frank Loriman; Gary Harris; Larry Seehorn; Bottom Row: Sally Anderson; Geraldine Meyers; Marilyn Larsen; Barbara Hansen; Sandra McCreight; Harriett George.
Mary Kay1953 5th6th Pictures 002b (Small).jpg
1953, Fifth and Sixth Graders
SR2Franklin1953_5 (Small).jpeg
This 1953 photograph shows part of the old gym and kids mingling on the corners. It was taken from Mt. Vernon Street. There is a flagless flag pole above the entry, perhaps because of inclimate weather. The flag pole was later moved to a spot on the east lawn. Bob Mosher identified the black automobile on the corner as the one belonging to teacher, Gerald L. Saling. Special thanks to the Spokesman Review and Chronicle for this and other photographs.
SRFranklin1953 (Small).jpeg
This shot was taken from the parking lot on on the southwest side of the school. It shows the new addition.
7th grade 1952  007 (Small).jpg
1952, Seventh Grade
Top Row left to right: Frank Loriman; Bill Johnson; Leroy French; Glen Scritchfield; Karl Guenzel; Hugh Tinling; Pat Allen; Jim Stewart; ?. Second Row from top: Richard Gilmore; Lance Erie; Gary Carriveau; Arlene Neumiller; Marilyn Larsen; Nancy Dawson; ?; Wallace Sharpe; Claude Fry. Third Row from top: Judith Manor; Sandra McCreight; Harriett George; Geraldine Meyers; Marilyn Waters; ?. Bottom Row: ?; ?; ?; Gary Harris; Gary Brown; ?; Larry Seehorn.
Mary Kay Pictures 001b (Small).jpg
1952, Fifth and Sixth Grades
6th grade 1951 006 (Small).jpg
1951, Sixth Grade.
Top Row Left to Right: Pat Allen; Frank Loriman; ?;?; Jim Stewart; Lance Erie; Leroy French. Second Row from top: Bill Johnson; Gary Carriveau; Karl Guenzel; Arlene Neumiller; Judith Manor; Claude Fry; Wallace Sharp; Gary Harris. Third Row from top: Nancy Dawson; Harriett George; Marilyn Larsen; Marilyn Waters; ?; Geraldine Meyers; Sally Anderson; Sandra McCreight. Bottom Row: ?; ?; ?; Richard Gilmore; Gary Brown; Larry Seehorn.
5th grade 1950 005 (Small).jpg
1950, Fifth Grade.
Top Row Left to Right: Karl Guenzel; Frank Loriman; ?;?;?;?; Glen Scritchfield; ?;?. Second Row from top: Leroy French; Gary Carriveau; ?; Barbara Hansen; ?; Marilyn Waters; Geraldine Meyers; James Stewart; Bill Johnson. Third Row from top: Sally Anderson; Harriett George; ?; Arlene Neumiller; ?; Marilyn Larsen; Sandra McCreight. Fourth Row from top: Wallace Sharpe; Richard Gilmore; Pat Allen; Gary Brown; Hugh Tinling; Gary Harris; Larry Seehorn. Bottom Row: ?; Lance Erie; ?; ?; Claude Fry; ?.
Special thanks to Gary Harris for this and other photographs from this era.

Franklin Photo/Exhibit Gallery 1950s Volume 1

Franklin School Class of 1957, 8th Grade, May, 1957, with numbers, smallest (Small).jpg
1957, Class of 1957, 8th Grade
1 Ron Perrone; 2 Roger Dirstine; 3 Tom Newman; 4 Bob Stallcop; 5 Eldon Fry; 6 Steve Ferguson; 7 Dennis McMacken; 8 ?; 9 Gary Sandberg; 10 Mr. Hardin; 11 ?; 12 ?; 13 Joy Conrad; 14 Mary Ellen Myrene?; 15 Jane Howard; 16 Linda Muije; 17 Michele Cattanach; 18 Mr. Derr; 19 Lane Morlan; 20 Ray Mosher; 21 David Hayes; 22 Don Manor; 23 Larry Carter; 24 Ken Bard; 25 Ginny Bishop; 26 Drucilla Gnagey; 27 ?
Check out the 1957 “Yearbook” by Clicking Here
Franklin School Class of 1957, 8 Years Together, May, 1957, with numbers, smallest (Small).jpg
1957, Class of 1957, 8th Grade, 8 Years Together
1 Ron Perrone; 2 Bill Aigner; 3 Eldon Fry; 4 Steve Ferguson; 5 David Hayes; 6 Larry Carter; 7 Gary Sandberg; 8 Joy Conrad; 9 Mary Ellen Myrene?; 10 Linda Calhoun?; 11 Pamela Curl?; 12 Karen Erie?; 13 Jane Howard; 14 Dennis McMacken; 15 Harriet Potts?; 16 Ray Mosher; 17 Gary Mahn; 18 Roger Dirstine; 19 Steve Symms; 20 Ken Marquardt; 21 Carol Ford; 22 Ellen Towne; 23 Michele Cattanach; 24 Ginny Bishop
Franklin School Class of 1957, Football Team, May, 1957, with numbers, smallest (Small).jpg
1957, Class of 1957 Football Team
1 Art Brakel; 2 Steve Ferguson; 3 ?; 4 Eldon Fry; 5 Bill Aigner; 6 Tom Newman; 7 David Hayes; 8 Mr. Derr, Coach; 9 ?; 10 Ray Mosher; 11 Roger Dirstine; 12 Steve Symms; 13 ?; 14 Gary Mahn; 15 Danny Masters; 16 ?; 17 Bruce Duncan; 18 Don Manor; 19 ?; 20 ?; 21 ?
Franklin School Class of 1957, 7th Grade, May 1956, with numbers, smallest (Small).jpg
May 1956, Class of 1957, 7th Grade,
1 Lane Morlan; 2 Don Manor; 3 Ron Perrone; 4 Steve Ferguson; 5 Tom Newman; 6 Dennis McMacken; 7 ?; 8 Mr. Hardin, Principal; 9 Linda Muije; 10 Joy Conrad; 11 ?; 12 Mary Ellen Myrene?; 13 Jane Howard; 14 ?; 15 Michele Cattanach; 16 ?; 17 ?; 18 Roger Dirstine; 19 Gary Sandberg; 20 David Hayes; 21 Ray Mosher; 22 Dawes Eddy; 23 Larry Carter; 24 ?; 25 ?; 26 Ginny Bishop; 27 Drucilla Gnagey
Names from 1957 “Yearbook”, Seventh Grade new students
Sandra Sartor, Bleinda Oliver, Dick Tobias, Tom Newman, Linda Muije
Teachers were Mr. Kingsland and Miss Ogilvie.
FranklinGradeSchoolFaculty,1954,withnumbers,smallest (Small).jpg
1954, Franklin Grade School Faculty, Spokane, Washington
1 Mr. Gerald L. Saling (Eighth Grade, Boys P.E.); 2 Miss Ruth I. Davis (Vocal Music); 3 Miss Edith J. Ogilvie (Seventh Grade); 4 Mrs. Harriet H. Schlomer (Fourth Grade); 5 Miss Dorothea G. Rousseau (Sixth Grade & Librarian); 6 Mrs. Speer; 7 ?; 8 Miss Agnes M. Blomberg (Fifth Grade); 9 Mr. John P. Kingsland (Seventh Grade, Boys P.E.); 10 Mr. Roy J. Hale (Fifth & Sixth Grades); 11 ?; 12 Mrs. Frances M. Goraber (Sixth Grade, Girls P.E.); 13 Mrs. Freeman (Second Grade); 14 Mrs. Allen (Secretary); 15 Mr. Walter E. Wildey (Principal); 16 Mrs. Marion L. Green (Fourth Grade); 17 Mrs. Elsie P. Coon (Third Grade); 18 Miss Geraldine M. Johnson (Third Grade).
Faculty listed as staff, but not specifically identifiable in the faculty picture: Mrs. Nancy L. Danielson (Second Grade), Mrs. Avonia V. Neiswender, (First Grade), Mrs. Muriel Lee Speer (First Grade)
Staff members not in the faculty picture:
Mrs. Esther Thompson (Cafeteria Manager), Mrs. Berth Asselin (Cafeteria Assistant), Mr. Elliott C. Johnson (Custodian), Mr. William S. Johnson (Assistant Custodian).
Special thanks to Dianne Blumhagen-LaBissoniere, Ray Mosher, Robert Mosher, Judy Aigner Gervais, Jack Neumiller, and Merry Mills Dick, in the provision of many pictures from this era and the identification of people.
Franklin 1958classreduced (Small).jpg
1954, Franklin Class of 1954, Eight-Year Students (attended together from 1946-1954), Principal during that time was Mr. Walter Wildey.
1 Gary Myrene; 2 Allan Minaker; 3 Gerald Bowers; 4 Jack Kincaid; 5 Ray Strecker; 6 Bob Mosher; 7 Alan Muench; 8 Larry Meyers; 9 Larry Herron; 10 Roy Christofferson; 11 Jack Neumiller; 12 Terry Kelly; 13 Gary Carter; 14 Mr. Wildey; 15 Mary Masters; 16 Sylvia Witty; 17 Carol Hayes; 18 Kay Christofferson; 19 Billie Sharpe; 20 Linda Latinen; 21 Barbara Biklen.
Historical Note: Archaic records provided by Laura Sumner indicated that classroom segments in this grade were taught by Miss. Laura Sperber.
Historical Note: Observe the stick frame auditorium/gym in the right background. This building was constructed in 1931 and was relocated later to Ferris High School where it was used as the health classroom. Now, the spot where it once stood is a parking lot. A description of this building can be found in the Blast From The Past article.
2olClassof1954,EighthGrade,June,1954,withnumbers,smallest (Small).jpg
June 1954, Class of 1954, Eighth Grade Students, Teacher: Mr. Gerald Saling
1 Allan Minaker; 2 Dick Allen; 3 Albert Adams; 4 Gerald Bowers; 5 Stan Moore; 6 Jack Kincaid; 7 Ray Strecker; 8 Jim Freeman; 9 Bob Mosher; 10 Mr. Saling; 11 Carol Hayes; 12 Kay Christofferson; 13 Shirley Pharness; 14 Merry Ellen Mills; 15 Sylvia Witty; 16 Sandy Kurtz; 17 Pat Oman; 18 Janice Freeman; 19 Linda Latinen; 20 Mr. Walter Wildey (Principal); 21 Judy Aigner; 22 Mary Masters; 23 Judy Bell; 24 Karen Warner; 25 Susan Calhoun; 26 Billie Sharpe; 27 Carolyn Schlomer; 28 Carol Roath; 29 Barbara Biklen; 30 Gary Carter; 31 Nick Heinick; 32 Alan Muench; 33 Jack Neumiller; 34 Terry Kelly; 35 Larry Herron; 36 Gary Myrene; 37 Roy Christofferson; 38 Ronn Spencer; 39 Larry Meyers; 40 Gary Peck
May 1955, Class of 1957, 6th Grade
No photo
Names from 1957 “Yearbook”, Sixth Grade new ntudents
Jim Davis, Denny Campbell, Donna Humann
New Principal is Mr. Hardin.
Teachers were Mrs. Goraber, Miss Rousseau, and Mr. Hale
Franklin School Class of 1957, 5th Grade, May, 1954, with numbers, smallest (Small).jpg
April 1954, Class of 1957, 5th Grade
1 Don Manor; 2 Ray Mosher; 3 Jim Amsberry; 4 Eldon Fry; 5 Steve Ferguson; 6 ?; 7 ?; 8 Roger Dirstine; 9 Bill Aigner; 10 ?; 11 Joy Conrad; 12 ?; 13 ?; 14 ?; 15 Michele Cattanach; 16 Karen Erie?; 17 Jeanne Baker?; 18 ?; 19 Carol Ford?; 20 Drucilla Gnagey; 21 ?; 22 Linda Calhoun?; 23 Jane Howard; 24 ?; 25 Harriett Potts?; 26 ?; 27 Bruce Duncan; 28 Ken Marquardt?; 29 Vernon Neumiller; 30 Larry Carter; 31 Steve Symms; 32 ?; 33 David Hayes; 34 Gary Mahn; 35 Art Brakel; 36 ?
Names from 1957 “Yearbook”, Fifth Grade New Students
David Heineck, Sharon Thackwell, Barbara Bricker (Marianne Moline leaves)
Teachers were Miss Blomberg and Mr. Hale.
5th Grade Mr. Gray58-59 (Small).jpg
1959, Class of 1962, Fifth Grade class of Mr. Gray.
Front Row (left to right): Martha Lawson, Bonnie White, Kayo Olney. Second Row: Alan Carriveau, Norman Wells, George ? Harrison (unsure), Russell Shover or Glover (print unclear), Tom McMullen, Edy Franz, Ricky Eubanks Third Row: Joanne Bush, Susan Brown, Dianne Blumhagen, Judy Hart, Susan Crawford, Judy Wilson, Patsy Hermann, Bonnie Campbell, Maridel Carter. Back Row: Larry Moore, Mike Hall ?,Larry Coolbaugh, Mark Mors, Steven Earsley, Steve Hanson, Joey Schettino, Dan White, Paul Gray (teacher).
4th Grade Mr. Dysart 57-58(Small).jpg
1958, Class of 1962, Fourth Grade class of Mr. Dysart.
3rd Grade 56-57 (Small).jpg
1957, Class of 1962, Third Grade class.
2nd Grade - Mrs. Freeman 55-56(Small).jpg
1956, Class of 1962, Second Grade Class of Mrs. Freeman.
Historical Note: This classroom photo was taken in the new addition which was built just a few years prior. Light reflecting onto the wall come from the upper skylight windows. Note the pristine condition of the cabinets and room.
1st Grade - Mrs. Speer 54-55 (Small).jpg
1955, Class of 1962, First Grade class of Mrs. Speer.
Franklin School Class of 1957, 4th and 5th Grades, April, 1953, with numbers, smallest (Small).jpg
April 1953, Class of 1957 (Fourth Graders), 4th and 5th Grades,
1 Steve Symms; 2 ?; 3 Eldon Fry; 4 Art Brakel; 5 Steve Ferguson; 6 Ray Mosher; 7 ?; 8 Miss Thomas; 9 ?; 10 Carol Ford?; 11 ?; 12 ?; 13 ?; 14 Marianne Moline; 15 ?; 16 Jane Howard?; 17 Linda Calhoun?; 18 ?; 19?; 20?; 21 Drucilla Gnagey; 22 ?;
23 ?; 24 Don Manor; 25 Larry Carter; 26 ?; 27 Vernon Neumiller; 28 ?
Names from 1957 “Yearbook”, Fourth Grade new students
Jim Amsberry, Bruce Duncan, Lane Morlan, Drucilla Gnagey
Teachers were Mrs. Leyson and Miss Thomas
Classof1954,SeventhGrade,April,1953,withnumbers,smallest (Small).jpg
April 1953, Class of 1954, Seventh Grade, Teacher: Miss Edith Olgilvie
1 Ronn Spencer; 2 Gary Myrene; 3 Dick Allen; 4 Tom Wilkerson; 5 Jack Kincaid; 6 Gerald Bowers; 7 Albert Adams; 8 Ray Strecker; 9 Bob Mosher; 10 Jim Freeman; 11 Gary Carter; 12 Larry Meyers; 13 Judy Aigner; 14 Judy Bell; 15 Shirley Pharness; 16 Sylvia Witty; 17 Mary Masters; 18 Pat Oman; 19 Linda Latinen; 20 Carol Roath; 21 Sandy Kurtz; 22 Larry Herron; 23 Allen Muench; 24 Barbara Biklen; 25 Janice Freeman; 26 Billie Sharpe; 27 Susan Calhoun; 28 Karen Warner; 29 Kris Christenson; 30 Carol Hayes; 31 Kay Christoffherson; 32 Larry LaPlante; 33 Jack Neumiller; 34 Donald Hindman; 35 Gary Peck; 36 Terry Sullivan; 37 Dick Clement; 38 Terry Kelly; 39 Allan Minaker; 40 Roy Christofferson; 41 Tim Volin
of1954,FifthandSixthGrades,May,1952,withnumbers,smallest (Small).jpg
May 1952, Class of 1954 (Sixth Graders), Fifth and Sixth Grades, Teacher is Mr. Kingsland
1 Mr. Kingsland; 2 Bob Beucage (or Beaucage); 3 Jim Deno; 4 Larry Williams; 5 Ken Kraft; 6 Dale Helbig; 7 Paul Warner; 8 Tom Wilkerson; 9 Terry Hendrickson; 10 Allan Minaker; 11 Keith Cauvell; 12 Allan Muench; 13 Richie Symms; 14 Cathy Ball; 15 Wilma Anderson; 16 Sharon Brandt; 17 Denny or Dennis Cerenzia; 18 Ted Volin; 19 Bob Potts; 20 Judy Brown; 21 Janet Marchand; 22 Kay Christofferson; 23 Judy Aigner; 24 Jean Rabe; 25 Jo Ann Lorinski; 26 Donna Allen; 27 Barbara Blair; 28 Nick Cline; 29 Sammy Cook; 30 George Bergquist; 31 Donald “Dan” Russell; 32 Jim Crissman; 33 Gary Carter; 34 Doug Shaw
Franklin School Class of 1954, Sixth Grade, May, 1952, with numbers, smallest (Small).jpg
May 1952, Class of 1954, Sixth Grade, 1951–1952, Teachers: Miss Dorothea Rousseau, Mrs. Frances Goraber.
1 Bob Mosher; 2 Dick Allen; 3 Ray Strecker; 4 Gerald Bowers; 5 Albert Adams; 6 Larry Meyers; 7 Jack Kincaid; 8 Terry Sullivan; 9 Miss Rousseau; 10 Mary Masters; 11 Sandy Kurtz; 12 Sylvia Witty; 13 Karen Warner; 14 Kris Christenson; 15 Merry Ellen Mills; 16 Billie Sharp; 17 Judy Bell; 18 Mrs. Goraber; 19 Barbara Biklen; 20 Louise Westberg; 21 Pat Oman; 22 Shirley Pharness; 23 Nancy McDougal; 24 Linda Latinen; 25 Janice Freeman; 26 Carol Hayes; 27 Dick Clement; 28 Donald Hindman; 29 Gary Peck; 30 Jack Neumiller; 31 Terry Kelly; 32 Ronn Spencer; 33 Jim Freeman; 34 Gary Myrene; 35 Larry Herron; 36 Roy Christofferson; 37 Tim Volin
hoolClassof1954,FifthGrade,May,1951,withnumbers,smallest (Small).jpg
May 1951, Class of 1954, Fifth Grade Students,Teacher: Mr. John Kingsland
1 Larry Meyers; 2 Roy Christofferson; 3 Bob Mosher; 4 Gerald Bowers; 5 Ray Strecker; 6 Larry Heron; 7 Gary Myrene; 8 Mr. John Kingsland; 9 Jim Freeman; 10 Mary O’Leary; 11 Linda Laitinen; 12 Susan Calhoun; 13 Billie Sharpe; 14 Janice Freeman; 15 Shirley Pharness; 16 Marion Francis; 17 Gary Peck; 18 Jeanette Scholl; 19 Carol Roath; 20 Sylvia Witty; 21 Karen Warner; 22 Carolyn Schlomer; 23 Sandy Kurtz; 24 Nancy McDougal; 25 Pat Oman; 26 Albert Adams;27 Dick Clement; 28 Jack Neumiller; 29 Jack Kincaid; 30 Darrel Sterret; 31 Dick Allen
FouthGrade1950classof54 (Small).jpg
1950, Class of 1954, Fourth Grade,Teacher: Miss Agnes Blomberg
1 Larry Meyers; 2 Gary Myrene; 3 Bob Mosher; 4 Gerald Bowers; 5 Dick Allen; 6 Albert Adams; 7 Ray Strecker; 8 Donald Hindman; 9 Allan Minaker; 10 Pat Oman; 11 Shirley Pharness; 12 Linda Latinen; 13 Marion Francis; 14 Billie Sharpe; 15 Eugene Peden; 16 Jack Neumiller; 17 Betty Olson; 18 Judy Aigner; 19 Merry Ellen Mills; 20 Sylvia Witty; 21 Susan Calhoun; 22 Mary Masters; 23 Mary O’Leary; 24 Terry Kelly; 25 Gary Peck; 26 Roy Christofferson; 27 Dick Clement; 28 Darryl Sterret; 29 Byron Johnson
Franklin School Class of 1957, 3rd and 4th Grades, May, 1952, with numbers, smallest (Small).jpg
May 1952, Class of 1957 (Third Graders), 3rd and 4th Grades
1 ?; 2 ?; 3 ?; 4 ?; 5 ?; 6 Marianne Moline; 7 Steve Symms; 8 ?; 9 ?; 10 ?; 11 ?; 12 ?; 13 Steve Ferguson; 14 Eldon Fry; 15 Ray Mosher; 16 ?; 17 ?; 18 ?; 19?; 20?; 21 Linda Calhoun?; 22 ?; 23 ?; 24 ?; 25 ?; 26 ?; 27 Vernon Neumiller; 28 Larry Carter
Names from 1957 “Yearbook”, (Third Grade) New Students
Jeanne Baker, Gloria Reed, Steve Pease
Teachers were Mrs. Coon and Mrs. Freeman.
Franklin School Class of 1957, 2nd Grade, May, 1951, with numbers, smallest (Small).jpg
May, 1951, Class of 1957, Franklin Grade School, Second Grade
1 Mr. Wildey (Principal); 2 ?; 3 Steve Symms; 4 Eldon Fry; 5 Steve Ferguson; 6 Gary Sandberg; 7 Roger Dirstine; 8 David Hayes; 9 Mrs. Green; 10 Don Manor; 11 Gary Mahn; 12 ?; 13 Carol Ford; 14 ?; 15 Ellen Towne; 16 Joy Conrad; 17 ?; 18 Ron Perone; 19 ?; 20 Karen Erie; 21 Marianne Moline; 22 Jane Howard; 23 Linda Calhoun; 24 Michele Cattanach; 25 Pam Curl?; 26 ?; 27 Dennis Soles?; 28 Larry Carter; 29 ?; 30 Ken Marquardt; 31 Vern Neumiller
Names from 1957 “Yearbook”, Second Grade New Students
Art Brakel, Don Manor
Teachers were Mrs. Green and Mrs. Bergmark.
Franklin School Class of 1957, 1st and 2nd Grades, May, 1950, with numbers, smallest (Small).jpg
May,1950,Class of 1957 (First Graders), First and Second Grade Students,
1 ?; 2 Steve Ferguson; 3 ?; 4 Eldon Fry; 5 Wayne Blair (second grade); 6 ?; 7 ?; 8 ?; 9 ?; 10 ?; 11 Karen Erie?; 12 ?; 13 ?; 14 ?; 15 ?; 16 ?; 17 ?; 18 ?; 19 ?; 20 ?; 21 ?; 22 ?; 23 Ken Marquardt; 24 ?; 25 Gary Mahn; 26 David Hayes; 27 Rodger Minaker (second grade); 28 Vern Neumiller; 29 Ron Perone
Teachers were Miss Gertrude Laurence and Mrs. Bergmark.
Franklin School Class of 1957, First Grade, May, 1950, with numbers, smallest (Small).jpg
May, 1949-1950, Class of 1957, First Grade,
1 Dennis McMacken; 2 ?; 3 Roger Dirstine; 4 ?; 5 Ray Mosher; 6 ?; 7 ?; 8 Bill Aigner?; 9 ?; 10 ?; 11 ?; 12 ?; 13 Ellen Towne?; 14 ?; 15 ?; 16 ?; 17 Harriett Potts; 18 ?; 19 ?; 20 Joy Conrad; 21 Jane Howard; 22 Michelle Cattanach; 23 Ginny Bishop; 24 Carol Ford?; 25 ?; 26 ?; 27 ?; 28 Steve Symms; 29 ?; 30 Larry Carter; 31 ?; 32 ?
Names from 1957 “Yearbook”, First Grade
Ellen Towne, Harriett Potts, Kenny Marquardt, Marianne Moline, Vernon Neumiller, Karen Erie, Bill Aigner, Pamela Curl, Stephen Symms, Linda Calhoun, Carol Ford, Gary Mahn, Mary Ellen Myrene, Gary Sandberg, Ron Perone, Eldon Fry, Larry Carter, Steve Ferguson, Ginny Bishop, David Hayes, Jane Howard, Dennis McMacken, Joy Conrad, Michele Cattanach, Roger Dirstine, Ray Mosher.
Teachers were Miss Gertrude Laurence and Mrs. Bergmark.

Franklin Photo/Exhibit Gallery 1950s Volume 3

Mary Kay 1950 3rd grade 5B (Small).jpg
1950 Third Grade Class
Mary Kay CircaLate40s Pictures 004E (Small).jpg
This early 50s shot was likely taken in one of the portables.
Mary Kay Pictures 004D (Small).jpg
This curious classroom picture was taken in the early 1950s or possibly in the late 1940s. Check out that mural and those desks. Perhaps this picture was taken during a Lewis and Clark lesson and there was “Show and Tell.” Two youngsters were sporting firearms and would likely be in huge trouble if this picture was taken today. Can you pick them out? Are they toys? Those teachers would be in hot water too in today’s world. Times have sure changed.
Special thanks to Mary Kay Davis for this and other pictures from this era.
Mary Kay CircaLate40s Pictures 005C (Small).jpg
This classroom shot was taken in the early 1950s or late 1940s.
Mary Kay Pictures 004C (Small).jpg
1954, All eight years together.
Mary Kay 1954 7th Grade Pictures 005A (Small).jpg
1954, Seventh Grade Class
Mary Kay1954 Baseball Pictures 004a (Small).jpg
The 1954 Franklin Softball Team
Mary Kay 1954 Basketball Pictures 004b (Small).jpg
The 1954 Franklin Basketball Team
002 (Small).jpg
1954-1955, Class of 1962, First Grade, Mrs. Neiswender
Front: Bonnie Hayes, Kenny Gibson, Rick Deno, Mike P., Clayton, Julie Graves
2nd Row: Diane Wynne, Jacky ?, Beth Kalinoski, Sherry Mott, Judy T, Janet Claeson, Robin C., Cynthia Pratt
3rd Row: Jean Fullington, Mike Hall, Roger Sherman, Bruce Finney, Bobby McBride, Don Brown, Dave Litzenberger, Jerry M, Denny ?, Bill Lund, Art Johnson, Karilee Kinder
Special thanks to Diane Alfano (Wynne) for this and many other photographs and names from this era.
003 (Small).jpg
1955-1956, Class of 1962, Second Grade, Miss Nancy Danielson
Front: Kay Tobias, Connie Bridwell, Robin C, Jean Fullington, Bonnie Hayes
2nd Row: Kenny Gibson, Mike Hall, Bobby McBride, Rick Deno, Ricky R, Art Johnson, Bruce Finney, Roger Sherman, Billy
3rd Row: Julie Graves, Janet Claeson, Diane Wynne, Beth Kalinoski, Sherry Mott, Judy T?, Janet Angelier, Karey Lou Moylan, Karilee Kinder, Cynthia Pratt
4th Row: Miss Nancy Danielson, Ron Westlund, Jerry M, Dave Litzenberger, Bob Stallings, Don Brown, Dave Glaze, Richard ?, Bill Lund
NancyDanielsonCirca1956SRor SC (Medium).jpg
Franklin neighbor, Brian Westmoreland, donated this circa 1956 newspaper article regarding Franklin teacher, Nancy Danielson. The article pokes fun at the myth that a used car is always better if it has been driven by a little old teacher. Nancy raced this one. From several sources of yesteryear, it is reported that Miss Danielson was a wonderful teacher. Many students looked up to her… and her car too. Good students got to ride in the thing. What fun!
020 (Small).jpg
Several Franklin girls were in Brownies and did many things together. Here’s a circa 1958 photo with a horse at Laurel Greene’s house who lived on Cherry Lane in Glenrose:
Front Row: Anne Clarke, Mrs. Blumhagen, Dianne Blumhagen, Laurel Greene, Chris Jones, Cynthia Pratt, Mrs. Greene
2nd Row: Julie Graves, Sherry Mott, Connie Bridwell, Bonnie Hayes, ?
004 (Small).jpg
1956-1957, Class of 1962, Third Grade, Mrs. Larson
Front: Burton Smith, Rick Deno, Bobby McBride, Art Johnson, Bruce Finney, Roger Sherman, Bill Lund
2nd Row: Kay Tobias, Marcia McDuffy, Jean Fullington, Connie Bridwell, Bonnie Bell, Karey Lou Moylan, Ruth Haynes, Anne Clarke, Bonnie Hayes
3rd Row: Julie Graves, Cynthia Pratt, Janet Angelier, Beth Kalinoski, Sherry Mott, Laura B, Diane Wynne, Janet Claeson, Arlene Larson
4th Row: Larry N, Dave Litzenberger, Richard ?, Bob Stallings, Dave Glaze, Don Brown, Steve Durbin, Ron Westlund, Mrs. Larson
018 (Small).jpg
Franklin Brownies and moms at the Blumhagens’ house, circa 1957: Left to right: Sherry Mott & mom, Julie Graves & mom, Laurel Greene & mom, Diane Wynne & mom & Dianne Blumhagen & mom
005 (Small).jpg
1957-1958, Class of 1962, Fourth Grade, Mrs. Lutz
Front: Bobby McBride, Roger Hall, Art Johnson, Bruce Finney, Bill Lund, Rick Deno
2nd Row: Anne Clarke, Jean Fullington, Bonnie Bell, Ruth Haynes, Julie Graves, Marcia McDuffie, Bonnie Hayes, Kay Tobias
3rd Row: Diane Wynne, Janet Angelier, Beth Kalinoski, Sherry Mott, ?, Janet Claeson, Karey Lou Moylan, Connie Bridwell
4th Row: Mrs. Lutz, Steve Durbin, Don Brown, Dave Glaze, Richard ?, Greg Bogus, Bob Stallings, Dave Litzenberger, Larry N, Ron Westlund
006 (Small).jpg
1958-1959, Class of 1962, Fifth Grade, Mrs. Moore
Front: Bonnie Hayes, Karey Lou Moylan, Bonnie Bell, Kay Tobias
2nd Row: Rick Deno, Bruce Finney, Ron Westlund, Art Johnson, Bobby McBride, Burton Smith, ?
3rd Row: Ruth Haynes, Diane Wynne, Linda Dodte, Beth Kalinoski, ?, Janet Claeson, Sandra Garver, Jean Fullington
4th Row: Steve Durbin, ?, Dave Glaze, Greg Bogus, Don Brown, Bob Stallings, Dave Litzenberger, Mrs. Moore
008 (Small).jpg
Five friends smiling on the Franklin playground, Circa 1959: Karey Lou Moylan, Bonnie Bell, Bonnie Hayes, Kay Tobias, Janet Claeson
007 (Small).jpg
1959-1960, Class of 1962, Sixth Grade, Mrs. Lee
Front: Bonnie Bell, Rick Deno, Paul Iddins, Jean Fullington, Bruce Finney, Burton Hayes, Kay Tobias, Mrs. Lee
2nd Row: Karey Lou Moylan, Sandra Garver, Janet Claeson, Charlyn Fulton, Merry Ludberg, Beth Kalinoski, Linda Dodte, Diane Wynne
3rd Row: Mike Van Horn, Steve Durbin, Bob Stallings, Dave Litzenberger, Dave Glaze, Don Brown, Greg Bogus, Bobby McBride, Art Johnson, Ron Westlund
009 (Small).jpg
This black and white shot, circa 1958, is of Diane Wynne playing tetherball on the Franklin playground.
Historical Note: How many of you can recall getting belted in the head with a fast flying tetherball? Many a student have seen stars playing this game.
014 (WinCE).jpg
Four smiling boys on the Franklin playground, circa 1958: Dave Glaze, Don Brown, Bob Stallings and Greg Bogus (down low)
015 (WinCE).jpg
A teacher poses for the camera.
017 (WinCE).jpg
Franklin Brownies, circa 1956, gather around the dining room table at the Blumhagens: Cynthia Pratt, Sherry Mott,?, Diane Wynne, Connie Bridwell, Laurel Greene,Chris Jones, Dianne Blumhagen, Bonnie Hayes
019 (Small).jpg
Franklin Brownies and a sort of swimsuit pageant, circa 1957. Note the banners.
Front Row Left to Right: Laurel Greene, Anne Clarke, Bonnie Hayes, Cynthia Pratt, Julie Graves, Connie Bridwell
2nd Row Left to Right: Diane Wynne, ?, Dianne Blumhagen, Chris Jones, Sherry Mott

Franklin Photo/Exhibit Gallery 1950s Volume 4

DavidBruggerCirca1950 XmasPlayPix by Pete Long S.1728 Mt.Vernon St. (Small).jpg
Taken on the front entry stairs of the building, circa 1950, these smiling Candle Stick Kids posed for the camera. No doubt this was part of the Christmas presentation that year. Note the decorated Christmas tree in the background with tinsel strands shining. Pete Long, who lived in the Franklin Community, took the photograph and likely developed it himself. Of interest are the fabrics used in days gone by. One can tell just by looking that the pajama fabrics were thick, warm flannels that did not wear out…unlike the common fabrics of today. Special thanks to Diane Gust(Brugger)and family for this and other pictures spanning multiple generations.
Kitty and Mr. Wildey (Small).jpg
1950, Kitty Lou Kenney and Principal Wildey. Special thanks to Benita Mason (Blue) for this and other pictures from this era.
1950 6 of us (Small).jpg
1950, “The night of our 8th grade graduation.”
Front row: Benita Blue, Ann Lawson, Anita Bartoo and Susan Melrose.
Back row, Kitty Kenny, Doreen Dodge.
Historical Note: Benita reported in May 2009 that many of these friends still gather and remain in touch–A tribute to Franklin friends and ties.
Miss Sperber Retirement 1950 (Small).jpg
1950, Miss Sperber receiving a gift at her retirement.
Kinder1951 (Small).jpg
1950 Franklin Kindergarten Class
8-yearstudent1950 (Small).jpg
1950 Eight Years Together
Historical Note: Mobility was increasing in the 1950s as shown by this photograph and the next. These 12 students began kindergarten together and continued through to eighth grade graduation. In yesteryears, students stayed together like a flock. It was easy to predict who the teacher was going to be and the other students in a given class. Compared to the 35 students in the next picture, there was an influx of families who moved into the Franklin Community between kindergarten and eighth grade. In fact, Franklin was bursting at the seams and a bigger facility was needed– it came in 1953 with the West Wing addition.
GradClass1950 (Small).jpg
1950 Graduating Class
First row: Donnie Ruffles, John Heinz, Jimmy Clement, Chuck Christensen, Gary Wood, Jay Jay Nooney.
Second row, Susan Melrose, Donna Crowe, Anita Bartoo, Kitty Lou Kenney, Barbara Strickland, Marilyn McMacken, Betty Davis, Nancy Harrison.
Third row: JoAnn Nance, LaDonna Stallment, Gwen Cauvel, Reno Rupert, Ann Lawson, Joanna Tarkington, Benita Blue, Joan Denoo, Patsy Ives, Bonnie Melius, Carol Miller.
Top Row: Mike Skaer, David Knerr, Dick Davis, Patty Davis, Patty Johnson, Doreen Dodge, Theo Dillon, Judy Yake, Paul Hatcher, Chuck Tweedy. Special thanks to Benita Mason (Blue) for providing names for this picture and this era.
50th HS ReunionPixFranklin group (Small).jpg
According to Benita Mason (Blue), “this was taken [2004] at the dinner get-together we “Franklinites” had five years ago this summer at the time of our 50th high school reunion. Oh wow – I do better on the old pictures but– Front seated: LaDonna Stallman, Benita Blue, Carol Miller, possibly Joan Denoo. Next row: Ann Lawson, ?, Doreen Dodge, Patty Johnson, Joanna Tarkington, Susan Melrose, Gwen Cauvel, Kitty Kenny. The guy in the back is David Knerr, but I do not know who the other gals are back there.”
First Grade 1951 (Small).jpg
1951 Franklin First Grade Class
1952Kinder (Small).jpg
1952 Franklin Kindergarten Class in front of the Kinderhouse. Special thanks to Kim Jones, Class of 1960, for this and other artifacts from this era.
1953FirstGrade (Small).jpg
1953 Franklin First Grade
ThirdGrade1953 (Small).jpg
1953 Franklin Third Grade Class
1954SecondGrade (Small).jpg
1954 Franklin Fourth Grade Class
1955FourthGrade (Small).jpg
1955 Franklin Fourth Grade Class
1956 4th Grade Ruth Olsen (Small).jpg
1956-1957, Fourth Grade, Mrs. Green
Bottom Row left to right: Laurel Grandinetti, Carolyn Billings, Richie Fitzpatrick, (?), (?).
Row 2: (?), Dick Jones, Lonnie Craft, Jim White, Gary Aussing, Gale Parrish, Dennis May, Clifton Barber, Bob Taylor.
Row 3: Mancy Perrone, (?), Maureen Cooper, Karen Olsen, Patty Chapman, Joyce Palmer, Michelle Davis, Christine Brakel, (?), Molly George.
Row 4: Doug Steward, (?), John Taylor, (?), (?), Stan Howard, Keith Jacobson, (?), Mrs. Green.
Special thanks to Karen Ruth(Olsen)for this and other pictures from this era.
FifthGrade1954-55 (Small).jpg
1955 Franklin Fifth Grade Class
1956Fifth (Small).jpg
1956 Franklin Fifth Grade Class, Mrs. Taylor
First Row, left to right: Kim Jones Kevin Anderson, Arlen Humann
Second Row: Suzanne Kincaid, Maureen Fowle, Margaret McDonald, Denise Byrnes, Mary Zalak, Patsy Clark, Diane Van
Third Row: Mrs. Taylor, Carol Sandberg, Connie Oliver, Bonnie Jackman, Betty Brakel, Christie Bechtel, Chris Amsberry, Sherrie Bellinger
Fourth Row: Greg Berquist, Joey Murphy, Bob Myers, Nickey Beamer, Bill Curtis, Ross Vordahl, Mike Corkram, Jimmy Wynne
6thGrade1955-56 (Small).jpg
1956 Franklin Sixth Grade Class
Names that may be associated with this picture. (Names, genders, and sequence did not match exactly on attached card) Ricky Ransom, Bud Herman, Ken Muench, Gary Morgan, Richard Mineker, Jim Wilson, Karen Kimily, Liz Klobisciky, Sandra Clason, Judy Gronatha, Martha Turner, Patty Kidder, Pat Coy, Janet Durban, Retta Walker, Jone Rabe, Pam Fergeson, Janet Jones, Nancy Davis, Sandra Gowanwick, Joan Butcher, Marty Coulter, Linda Trailer, Carol Donavon, Jo-Rene Moore, Mrs. Nogle, Mr. Hardan, Bob Loree, John Stanton, Dave Brugger, Dan Bush, Jack Bectel, Jack Curl, Bill Zielky, Pat Willard, Tom Kelly
1957 5th Grade RuthOlsen (Small).jpg
1957-1958, Fifth Grade Class, Mrs. Taylor
Bottom Row left to right: Christine Brakel, Bob Taylor, Laurel Grandinetti, Dick Jones, Carolyn Billings.
Row 2: Kelly Messinger, Michael Carter, MerleBell, Gale Parrish, Doug Stewart, Jim White, Richard Stein, Clifton Barber.
Row 3: Mrs. Taylor, Vernice Chaney, Michelle Davis, Karen Olsen, Nacy Perrone, Sheila Jones, Patty Chapman, Shirley Patrick, Joyce Palmer, Maureen Cooper, Carla Lenord.
Row 4: Gary Aussing, Lonnie Craft, Stan Howard, Mark W. John Taylor, Mike Boran, Keith Jacobson, David Siem.
1957SixthGrade (Small).jpg
1957 Franklin Sixth Grade, Mrs. Gorrber
First Row, left to right: Susie Kincaid, Mary Zalak, Patsy Clark, Lucinda Coulter
Second Row: Kevin Anderson, David Kapus, Kim Jones, Mike Corkram, Greg Berquist, Jimmy Wynne, Arlen Humann
Third Row: Peggy McDonald, Sherrie Bellinger, Bonnie Jackman, Christie Bechtel, Connie Oliver, Denise Byrnes, Maureen, Fowle
Fourth Row: Mrs. Gorrber, Ross Vordahl, Vic Sacek, Jimmy Neill, Nickey Beamer, Billy Curtis, Bob Myers, Joey Murphy, Mr. Hardin
7thgrade1956-57 (Small).jpg
1957 Franklin Seventh Grade Class
8thGrade1957 (Small).jpg
1957 Franklin Eighth Grade Class, Mrs. Nogle
1958 6th Grade RuthOlsen (Small).jpg
1958-1959, Sixth Grade Class, Mrs. Goraber
Bottom Row left to right: Dennis May, Dick Jones, Kelly Messinger, Laurel Grandinetti, Merle Bell, Richie Firzpatrick, Kent Warren.
Row 2: Pam Wenz, Nancy Perrone, Karen Olson, Sheila Jones, Shirley Patrick, Maureen Cooper, Christine Brakel, Mrs. Goraber, Carolyn Billings.
Row 3: Michael Carter, Gale Parrish, Jim White, Stan Howard, Mike Boran, John Taylor, Doug Stewart, David Siem, Richard Stein.
1958SeventhGrade (Small).jpg
1958 Franklin Seventh Grade Class, Miss Ogilvie
Front Row, left to right: Arlen Humann, Kim Jones, Greg Berquist, Kevin Anderson, Jimmy Wynne
Second Row: Lucinda Coulter, Pat Clark, Maureen Fowle, Chuck Grossman, David Kapus, Connie Oliver, Mary Zalak, Susie Kincaid
Third Row: Sherrie Bellinger, Carol Sandberg, Margaret McDonald, Christie Bechtel, Betty Brakel, Bonnie Jackman, Denise Byrnes, Chris Amsberry, Mr. Hardin
Fourth Row: Vic Sacek, Jim Neill, Bob Myers, Bill Curtis, Nickey Beamer, Ross Vordahl, John Crook(?)
1959 7thGrade RuthOlsen (Small).jpg
1959-1960, Seventh Grade Class, Miss Olgilvie
Bottom Row left to right: Kent Warren, Dan Dillon, Merle Bell, Joyce Palmer, Laurel Grandinetti, Carolyn Billings.
Row 2: Christine Brakel, Nancy Perrone, Jerri Roe, Sheila Jones, Maureen Cooper, Karen Olsen, Patty Allen.
Row 3: Gale Parrish, Jim White, Stan Howard, David Seim, Doug Stewart, Mike Carter, Gary Syely, Dennis May.
Row 4: Gary Aussing, Lonnie Craft, Stan Howard, Mark W., John Taylor, Mike Boran, Keith Jacobson, David Siem.
1959Eighth (Small).jpg
1959 – 1960 Eighth Grade Class, Mr. Hamilton
Front Row, left to right: Mr. Hardin, Jim Wynne, Susie Kincaid, Cindy Coulter, Sherrie Bellinger, Pat Clark, Greg Burquist, Leonard Grant
Second Row: Maureen Fowle, Christy Bechtel, Christine Amsberry, Carol Sandberg, Betty Brakel, Peggy McDonald, Bonnie Jackman, Connie Oliver, Mary Zalak
Third Row: Arlen Humann, Kim Jones, Vic Sacek, Jim Neill, Bill Curtis, Nickey Beamer, Bob Myers, Chuck Grossman, David Kapus, Mr. Hamilton

Franklin Photo/Exhibit Gallery 1940s Volume 1

olClassof1954,ThirdGrade1,May,1949,withnumbers,smallest (Small).jpg
1949 Class of 1954, Third Grade, Class 1 1948-1949, Teacher: Mrs. Elsie Coon
1 Larry Herron; 2 Donald Tomlinson; 3 Ray Strecker; 4 Kenny Kraft; 5 Bob Mosher; 6 Gary Myrene; 7 Jack Kincaid; 8 Mrs. Coon; 9 Mickey Hanson; 10 Clark Peterson; 11 Carol Hayes; 12 Merlene Jones; 13 Shirley Pharness; 14 Kay Christofferson;
15 Larry Meyers; 16 Allan Minaker; 17 Jeanette Scholl; 18 Carol Roath; 19 Sylvia Witty; 20 Mary Fowler; 21 Judy Fowler; 22 Carolyn Schlomer; 23 Billie Sharpe; 24 Barbara Biklen; 25 Jack Neumiller; 26 Allan Muench; 27 Paul Wobe.
Additional Note: Old records indicate that Miss Alice Winslow occasionally taught segments in this grade.
FranklinSchoolClassof1954,ChristmasPlay,1949,withnumbers (Small).jpg
Christmas Play, 1949. This picture was taken inside the main entrance to school. Ho-Ho-Ho! This is how “Department Store Santas” got their start. Special thanks to Robert and Ray Mosher for this an other photographs.
1 Byron Johnson; 2 Bob Mosher; 3 ?; 4 ?; 5 ?; 6 Ray Strecker; 7 Jack Kincaid; 8 ?
1CubScoutKnightCostumescontest1949 (Small).jpg
This 1949 photograph is of the Den G Cub Scouts Knights Contest. With heavy armor and swords, these Round Table Knights posed for the camera. Gary Carriveau is amongst the clan. Special thanks to Dean Carriveau for this and other photographs.
4Knightcostumewinnersinclassroom1949 (Small).jpg
“Aye, fetch me some eggnog, fair maiden, err… mom.” These were the winners of the 1949 Cub Scouts contest.
Franklin School Class of 1957, Kindergarten, A.M., May, 1949, with numbers, smallest (Small).jpg
May 1949 Kindergarten Morning Class(Class of 1957)
1 ?; 2 ?; 3 Ray Mosher; 4 ?; 5 ?; 6 Eldon Fry; 7 Gary Mahn; 8 Carol Ford?; 9 Michele Cattanach; 10 ?; 11 ?; 12 Joy Conrad; 13 Pamela Curl?; 14 ?; 15 ?; 16 ?; 17 Vernon Neumiller?; 18 ?; 19 ?; 20 ?
Names from 1957 “Yearbook” First Grade (for reference only, no picture)Ellen Towne, Harriett Potts, Kenny Marquardt, Marianne Moline, Vernon Neumiller, Karen Erie, Bill Aigner, Pamela Curl, Stephen Symms, Linda Calhoun, Carol Ford, Gary Mahn, Mary Ellen Myrene, Gary Sandberg, Ron Perrone, Eldon Fry, Larry Carter, Steve Ferguson, Ginny Bishop, David Hayes, Jane Howard, Dennis McMacken, Joy Conrad, Michele Cattanach, Roger Dirstine, Ray Mosher.
StudentsinChristmas1949skitonoldaudtioriumstage (Small).jpg
This 1949 Christmas play, starring Gary Carriveau, was performed on the old auditorium stage.
olClassof1954,ThirdGrade2,May,1949,withnumbers,smallest (Small).jpg
1949 Class of 1954, Third Grade Class 2, 1948-1949, Teacher: Mrs. Bennett
1 Byron Johnson; 2 Albert Adams; 3 Gerald Bowers; 4 Jim Erickson; 5 Jack Hemingway; 6 Roy Christofferson; 7 Dick Clement; 8 Mrs. Bennett; 9 Pat Oman; 10 Mary O’Leary; 11 Merry Mills; 12 Mary Masters; 13 Susan Calhoun; 14 Linda Laitinen; 15 Judy Aigner; 16 Marion Francis; 17 Gary Kinsel; 18 Gary Carter; 19 Donald Hindman; 20 Eugene Peden; 21 Terry Kelly
lClassof1954,SecondGrade2,May,1948,withnumbers,smallest (Small).jpg
1948 Class of 1954, Second Grade Class 2, 1947-1948
1 Roy Christofferson; 2 Larry Herron; 3 Kenny Kraft; 4 Mary or Judy Fowler; 5 Carol Roath (?); 6 Gerald Bowers; 7 Mickey Hanson; 8 Jim Erickson; 9 Janet Bolling; 10 Marion Francis; 11 Kay Christofferson; 12 Susan Calhoun; 13 Judy Aigner; 14 Carol Hayes; 15 Barbara Biklen; 16 Dick Clement; 17 ?; 18 ?
lClassof1954,SecondGrade1,May,1948,withnumbers,smallest (Small).jpg
1948 Class of 1954, Second Grade, Class 1 1947-1948, Teacher: Miss Christie Reirerson
1 Jack Kincaid; 2 Ray Strecker; 3 Dean Shadle; 4 Allan Muench; 5 Terry Kelly; 6 Donald Tomlinson; 7 Gary Myrene; 8 Larry Meyers; 9 ?; 10 Paul Wobe; 11 Eugene Peden; 12 Allan Minaker; 13 Betty Olson; 14 Linda Latinen; 15 Nancy McDougal; 16 Merry Ellen Mills; 17 Carolyn Schlomer; 18 Mary Masters; 19 Billie Sharpe; 20 Carol Hulse; 21 Mary O’Leary; 22 Donald Hindman; 23 Jack Neumiller; 24 Byron Johnson; 25 Gary Kinsell; 26 Bob Mosher.
3rd grade 1948 003 (Small).jpg
1948, Third Grade
Top Row Left to Right: Hugh Tinling; Leroy French; Frank Loriman; ?; ?; Wallace Sharpe; ?;?. Second Row from top: Karl Guenzel; ?; Harriett George; Geraldine Meyers; ?; ?; Marilyn Larsen; Lance Erie. Third Row from top: Sally Anderson; Sandra McCreight; Barbara Hansen; Judith Manor; ? ; ?; Nancy Dawson; ?; ?. Bottom Row: ?; Larry Seehorn; Richard Gilmore; Gary Carriveau; ?; ?; Gary Harris.
7th grade 1948018 (Small).jpg
May 1948, Seventh Graders. Teacher: Miss Edith J. Ogilvie. Picture taken by Biggel Photo.
Front Row (Left to Right) Billy Hoyt, Dickie Smith, Thurlow Baxter,(?), Eugene Mahn. Row 2: Claudia Jean Shane, (?), Dorothy Moreland, Lynn Stewart, Shirley Jean Price, Beulah Jane Noble, Peggy Walker, (?), Ruth Nadine Newmiller. Row 3: Mark Follett, Lawrence Chestnut, David Willison, Kathleen Lorriman, Beverly Beecher, Jerry, Pat Powers, Dan O’Leary. Row 4: Don Butler, Jay Erickson, Carolyn Gehres, Marlene Mortenson, Helen McLaughlin, Maurice Hood.
1948 Student Council 019 (Small).jpg
1948, Student Council
Front Row, ?, ?, Robert Mosher, Billie Sharpe, Carol Hayes, Kay Christopherson, Hugh Tinling, Barbara Hansen.
Immediately behind Barbara at the right end of the middle row is Kitty Lou Kenny. The faculty member behind Kitty Lou and to the right is John Kingsland. Special thanks to Bob Mosher for providing these names.
1947 001 (Small).jpg
1947, Class of 1947. Special thanks to Eugene Harvey for this photograph. Mr. Harvey is on the 3rd row, second from left. Patsey Colvell ?, First row 5th from the left.
FranklinPTAProgram1947Hijinks (Small).jpg
On stage in 1947 with Walter Carriveau and friends, these PTA actors performed the HiJinx program in the old Franklin auditorium. “Abracadabra, watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat.”
Left to Right: Herm Hanson; Walter Carriveau as the clown, Henry (Hank) Peden, an accomplished magician who had several of his children at Franklin, and L. Hoyt.
Ronnie Carriveau1947 First Day of School (Small).jpg
This 1947 shot is of Ronnie Carriveau on his first day of school at Franklin. How many proud parents over the last 100 years have snapped pictures of their children in this very spot? Franklin School has enjoyed many Carriveau kids in the 40s, 50s, and 60s. Special thanks to Dean Carriveau for this and other Franklin pictures spanning nearly three decades.
WalterCarriveauin1947FranklinPTASkit (Small).jpg
In 1947, father and PTA actor, Walter Carriveau, performed in the old Franklin Auditorium. This rare stage photograph captures Carriveau in preparation of shaving his face–No doubt the Franklin audience was howling. PTA skits, socials, and follies were common in yesteryears. Proceeds from them helped raise money for the Franklin Kinderhouse and the surrounding land.
hoolClassof1954,FirstGrade,May,1947,withnumbers,smallest (Small).jpg
1947 Franklin Class of 1954. First Grade, 1946-1947, Teacher: Miss Gertrude Laurance
1 Mickey Hanson; 2 Dean Shadle; 3 Ray Strecker; 4 Kenny Kraft; 5 Gerald Bowers; 6 Jack Hemingway; 7 Larry Meyers; 8 Larry Herron; 9 Gary Myrene; 10 Russell Shane; 11 Gary Carter; 12 ?; 13 Dick Clement; 14 Allan Minaker; 15 Bob Mosher; 16 Mary Masters; 17 Karen Geiss; 18 Nancy McDougal; 19 Carol Hulse; 20 Susan Calhoun; 21 ?; 22 Merlene Jones; 23 Linda Latinen; 24 Billie Sharpe; 25 Jim Erickson; 26 Bo Lower; 27 ?; 28 Barbara Biklen; 29 Kay Christofferson; 30 Marion Francis; 31 Mary Fowler; 32 Judy Fowler; 33 Carolyn Schlomer; 34 Carol Hayes; 35 Betty Olson; 36 Mary O’Leary; 37 Janet Bolling; 38 ?; 39 Donald Hindman; 40 Allan Muench; 41 Jack Neumiller; 42 Gary Kinsell(?); 43 ?; 44 Jerry Osborn(?); 45 ?; 46 Jack Kincaid; 47 Eugene Peden; 48 Terry Kelly; 49 ?; 50 Byron Johnson;
51 Paul Wobe
5thGrade1947 (Small).jpg
1947 Fifth Grade Class, Mr. John Kingsland
First row, left to right: Donnie Ruffles, Jay Jay Nooney, Gary Wood, John Heinz, John Eakins, Teddy Geiss, Jimmy Clements.
Second row: Judy Yake, Joan Nord, Anita Bartoo, Benita Blue, Joanna Tarkington, Marion Hanson, Betty Davis, Donna Crowe, Carol Miller.
Third row: Ann Lawson, Patty Johnson, Doreen Dodge, Barbara Brown, Patsy Ives, Susan Melrose, JoAnn Nance, Patty Davis, Gwen Cauvel.
Fourth row: David Knerr, Paul Hatcher, Janice Rettig, Marilyn McMacken, Joan Denoo, Ronald Crowe, John Powers. Names for this photograph were kindly provided by Benita Mason (Blue).
Mary Kay Pictures 001a (Small).jpg
1947 Kindergarten class at Franklin
Special thanks to Mary Kay Davis (Eddy) for this and other photographs from this era.
lClassof1954,Kindergarten,June,1946,withnumbers,smallest (Small).jpg
1946 Class of 1954, Kindergarten, 1945-1946, Teacher: Miss Gladys Hoagland (later married and became Gladys Knight)
1 Carol Hayes; 2 Kay Christofferson(?); 3 ?; 4 ?; 5 Billie Sharpe; 6 Karen Geiss; 7 Linda Latinen; 8 Nancy McDougal; 9 Betty Olson; 10 Barbara Biklen; 11 Miss Hoagland; 12 Dean Shadle; 13 Gerald Bowers; 14 Bob Mosher; 15 Jim Erickson; 16 Carolyn Schlomer; 17 Jack Hemingway; 18 Ray Strecker; 19 Mary Masters; 20 Byron Johnson; 21 Mickey Hanson; 22 ?; 23 Bobbie Bush(?); 24 ?; 25 ?; 26 Mary Fowler; 27 Judy Fowler; 28 Janet Bolling; 29 Allan Muench; 30 Paul Wobe; 31 Jack Neumiller; 32 ? 33 Eugene Peden; 34 Gary Carter; 35 Larry Meyers; 36 John Parks; 37 Bo Lower; 38 Bo Bryan (?)
5th grade 1946 016 (Small).jpg
1946, Fifth Graders
BenitaBlue4th grade (Small).jpg
1946, Fourth Grade. Special thanks to Benita Mason (Blue) for this photograph.
FranklinfromLincolnParkBluff1946 (Small).jpg
This 1946 photo is of Franklin School from the bluff at Lincoln Park.
4th grade 1945 014 (Small).jpg
June 1945, Fourth Graders in Miss Sims class.
David Beadle1942 (Small).jpg
This is a picture of the 1942 graduating class. We know that the young man sitting third from the left wearing argyll socks is David Beadle; the lad with the neck tie sitting next to David is Bobby Walker; the girl standing behind David is Verna Anthony. Other names associated with the picture but without positions are: Gregg Miller, Eugene Rammiger(sp?), Bob Walker, Don Potts, Carle Marsh, Joyce McRae,Virginia Permalm(sp?), Rush Taathaker(last name sp?), Bill Rusk, Burton(last name unreadable), Don Usher(last name ?), Don Martin, Stan Witter, Ray Christensen. Special thanks to David Beadle (see written history) for this photograph and other contributions.
1941 girls knitting for soldiers013 (Small).jpg
These First Grade girls in Miss Christie Reirerson’s 1941 classroom were knitting squares for WWII soldiers. Special thanks to Shirley Jean Price-Winton for this and other pictures from this era. Shirley is the one in the back with short dark hair and a white bow. The girls had a knitting project for the soldiers and the boys had something else to do… possibly bird houses but this is uncertain.
More names thanks to Peggy Walker:
Front Row left to right: 1 ?, 2 ?, 3 Kathleen Lorriman, 4 Peggy Walker, 5 ?, 6 Jane Noble, 7 Carolyn Gehres, 8 Beverly Beecher, 9 Helen McLaughlin.
Back Row: 1 ?, 2 Lynn Stewart, 3 Shirley Price, 4 Laureen Rogers, 5 Myrna Bostwick.
The photograph was published in the newspaper and these girls were proud of their work according to Peggy. See oral history section for more.